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bald spot regimen

  1. TajBabii711

    Help, My Hair Was Pulled Out From Braids!

    Ladies, I have two bald patches on either side of my hair from faux locs I had this summer. I got my hair relaxed in late December and my stylist had to shave down my sides to blend it in, but it still shows. These patches still aren't growing back even though I've been being nice to my hair...
  2. GGsKin

    2 Years Natural- Back Story Progress + Pics Pics Pics)

    My last relaxer was in August 2012. By the end of that year my hair would be in a pitiful condition. I was reckless to the point that my hair became over processed, and heat damaged. I'd also given myself a few bald patches for good measure (from misuse of clip-ins). Just bad bad bad. I...