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healthy hair for life

  1. NaturalShe94

    Grow It Long 2020 Challenge

    Lets Grow and Retain all 2020! Challenge open to anyone Give me the DETAILS: Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed: Current Length: Goal Length: Plan to reach goal length: Regimen: Protective Styles: Staple Products: Starting Pic: REQUIRED Check ins every 3 months 1st check in: April 1st 2nd...
  2. K

    My Story & Healthy Hair Growth Challenge

    Hi, I'm new here. Just wanted to tell my story and hope some of you will join me in my hair growth challenge. My hair is fine 4a/3c sensitive around my edges. I'm losing my hair thanks to stylist being too rough, not trimming my ends properly and tight cornrows is thinning out my hair. I keep...
  3. irisak

    Things You Want From An At Home Stylist

    So I've posted about some of my current struggles in OT. I've decided that to supplement my income until I find another job that I want to start doing hair out of my home and possibly doing the mobile braided thing. My years here have taught me a thing or two :heart: and I've been doing hair...