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length check

  1. NaturalShe94

    Grow It Long 2020 Challenge

    Lets Grow and Retain all 2020! Challenge open to anyone Give me the DETAILS: Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed: Current Length: Goal Length: Plan to reach goal length: Regimen: Protective Styles: Staple Products: Starting Pic: REQUIRED Check ins every 3 months 1st check in: April 1st 2nd...
  2. cleopatrafro

    + Hardcore 2019 Length Retention Challenge +

    Hello CURLIES + KINKIES! I'm starting an INTENSE length retention challenge. Breakage is the bane of my existence, enemy of my well being, and antithesis of length retention! Wigs and low tension twists are my hair's favorite protective styles. Whatever your hair thrives in as a protective...
  3. leogirl321

    Length Update!

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member of LHCF (been a lurker for 2.5 years and I finally made an account lol). I just wanted to come on here and post an update on my transitioning journey. Tomorrow I will be 11 months post relaxer and I'm really proud of the length that my hair has reached since I...