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length retention

  1. AmethystLily

    Does your hair thrive best in "out" styles or "protective" styles?

    Or do you feel that your techniques and/or types of products you use are more important to your hair health?
  2. NaturalShe94

    Grow It Long 2020 Challenge

    Lets Grow and Retain all 2020! Challenge open to anyone Give me the DETAILS: Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed: Current Length: Goal Length: Plan to reach goal length: Regimen: Protective Styles: Staple Products: Starting Pic: REQUIRED Check ins every 3 months 1st check in: April 1st 2nd...
  3. aishae

    “wow Your Hair’s Really Grown!” Stories

    Hi everyone! So I’ve been bunning since April and plan to check my length at Christmas, hoping for notable length results. To keep us motivated, please could you share some stories of when your friends, family or even yourself noticed that your hair had gotten longer? Did you unveil it after...
  4. KinksAndInk

    2018 Protective Style Challenge

    :cupidarrow:Welcome to the 2018 Protective Style Challenge:cupidarrow: The purpose of this challenge is simple: To maximize your hair growth through the use of protective styles. This challenge can also be used for those that want to learn new styles or step out of their simple top knot bun or...
  5. AmethystLily

    Self-trimmers: Are You Scissor-happy On Your Own Hair?

    Who here ends up trimming/cutting more they planned for whatever reason, whether for evenness/equality in length, being OCD about cutting off all/enough of the damage, or just a mistake in gauging how much you cut off (if you cut while curly, in twists, braids, etc.)? Ironically, when I used to...
  6. GGsKin

    2 Years Natural- Back Story Progress + Pics Pics Pics)

    My last relaxer was in August 2012. By the end of that year my hair would be in a pitiful condition. I was reckless to the point that my hair became over processed, and heat damaged. I'd also given myself a few bald patches for good measure (from misuse of clip-ins). Just bad bad bad. I...