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  1. apple_natural

    2021 Let's Talk! APL - BSL/MBL Challenge

    2021 Arm Pit Length - Bra strap length - Mid-back Length Challenge Entry Photo & Exit/Finale Photos Required Also, a photo is required if you trim, get any damage/set back, or notice any significant hair growth you want to share... These can be in your media. Mine are. Let's Talk.... I'm...
  2. SweetestChick

    All My Fine/thin Haired Ladies...

    I figured I would get a feel for how many here are growing out their hair and have already made it to BSL or longer? What helped you the most and how difficult was/is your journey? I'm trying to make it all the way to the daunting TBL! If you have pics feel free to post to inspire others!
  3. Prettymetty

    2017 Bsl/mbl Challenge

    Lets grow ladies! 2017 is quickly approaching so mark your spot in this challenge. Like this post and comment below to join. Rules: 1. Drink water 2. Eat clean (whole foods) 3. Keep your ends moisturized 4. Wash or cowash/DC weekly 5. Massage scalp > once a week 6. Post starting pic 7...