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protective styling

  1. NaturalShe94

    Grow It Long 2020 Challenge

    Lets Grow and Retain all 2020! Challenge open to anyone Give me the DETAILS: Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed: Current Length: Goal Length: Plan to reach goal length: Regimen: Protective Styles: Staple Products: Starting Pic: REQUIRED Check ins every 3 months 1st check in: April 1st 2nd...
  2. kxlot79

    Thigh Length Type 4 Natural!!! I’m Shook!

    So another super duper longer Type 4 YouTuber popped up on my radar! I totally dig protective styling. But at what point is it no longer “protective?” Or “styling?” I mean, hair that’s ALWAYS put away? Bless everyone who can do it! I try so hard to put my hair away but I LOVE splaying in it...
  3. KinksAndInk

    2018 Protective Style Challenge

    :cupidarrow:Welcome to the 2018 Protective Style Challenge:cupidarrow: The purpose of this challenge is simple: To maximize your hair growth through the use of protective styles. This challenge can also be used for those that want to learn new styles or step out of their simple top knot bun or...
  4. tatiana001191

    How I Blend My Short Natural Hair With Curly Hair Extensions

    Hey ladies, I've been away for a long time ! I'm back now with a new protective style ! I made this wg using the Ivy flip over method and I'm hoping it will yield success ( I'm trying to get to SL by my birthday next year hehe )
  5. Shalay11

    4 Month Braid Protective Style/ Growth Oil Challenge Results

    I have not been on here in a long time..I believe the last time I posted was during my pregnancy. I just wanted to show those who are longterm protective styling my progress from a few different styles I did. This first one was 4 months long wearing box braids! This was the results for that...