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~~~ 101 PROTECTIVE Styles ~~~


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I came up with this list some days ago and figured I'd share it with y'all. Pretty please add to the list ... It's not quite one hundred and one (I think) but hopefully it gets there.

****** Thanks to FindingMe :grin: for her lovely additions (bolded NEW)!!

Since protective styling helps with length retention, I figure this compilation will be useful for many of us who are trying to reach our length goals ... and who get stuck in a style rut. :yep:

SLEEK & SIMPLE (for long hair, some for short/med hair):
- Simple Bun
- Bun w/ Chopsticks
- Bunned pigtails
- Chignon (http://z.about.com/d/beauty/1/0/f/E/chignon7.JPG, NEW: http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629819-2,00.html)
- NEW: Textured Chignon (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1643897-8,00.html)
- French Roll/Twist (NEW: http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629819-2,00.html)
- Braided Coil Updo (http://www.hairstylescut.com/articles/holiday-updo.htm - scroll to Beyonce)
- Roller/Flexirod/Curlformer set & Clip up the hair
- Flamenco (http://www.longlocks.com/flamenco.gif, http://www.longlocks.com/hairstyles.htm)
- Elegant Gibson (http://www.longlocks.com/elegantgibson.gif, http://www.longlocks.com/hairstyles.htm)
- NEW: Wrap/Pompadours (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1700188-3,00.html, http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1700188-4,00.html)
- NEW: Braided chignon (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629810-8,00.html)
- NEW: Retro Pompadour (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629819-4,00.html)
- NEW: Romantic Bun (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629819-9,00.html)
- NEW: Ringlets with Headband (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629819-8,00.html)
- NEW: Bun with Headband (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1643897-5,00.html)
- NEW: Sophisticated Bun (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1643897-6,00.html)
- NEW: Quick Updo (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1643897-7,00.html)

- Bantu Knots (http://images.inmagine.com/168nwm/rubberball/rbv013/rbv0130053.jpg)
- Finger / Comb Coils (for short natural hair)(http://www.naani.com/contents/media/dreamypisces029.jpg, http://www.naani.com/models/photos/a0/98/66/a098662b826cd94.jpeg)

- Twisted Ponytail
- Twisted Ponytail into Bun
- NEW:Twisted Buns (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629819-5,00.html)
- Chunky Twists
- Tiny Twists
- Flat Twists (http://www.aolcdn.com/aolnews_photos/0d/07/20050426160009990011, http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/phillyflower/DSC01452.jpg)
- Senegalese Twists (http://www.braidsinc.com/gallery/senegalese1.JPG)
- Kinky Twists
- Spring Twists
- Gypsy Twists (scroll down: http://www.khamitkinks.com/twists_locs.html)
- Baby Curl Twists (scroll down: http://www.khamitkinks.com/twists_locs.html)
- Loc Extensions (http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd85/mushiyasmith/0150-921-davadreadupdo.jpg)

- Single Braided Ponytail
- Single Braided Ponytail into Bun
- Double Braided Bun (http://www.longlocks.com/hairstyles.htm)
- Box Braids (w/ real hair)
- Box Braids (w/ extensions)
- Individual Braids (extensions)
- Micros (not too tight though)
- Cornrows (w/ real hair)
- Cornrows (w/ extensions)
- Plaits
- One French Braid (NEW:http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629810-9,00.html)
- Two French Braids
- French Tuck (http://www.longlocks.com/hairstyles.htm)
- English/Dutch Braids (http://www.longlocks.com/how-to-braid-hair.htm, http://www.dreamweaverbraiding.com/Braiding_Tips.htm)
- French/English/Dutch Braid(s) (w/ extensions)
- Victorian (http://www.longlocks.com/hairstyles.htm)
- Edwardian Braid (http://www.longlocks.com/hairstyles.htm)
- NEW: Braided Updo (http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1629810-1,00.html)
- More braided styles: http://www.dreamweaverbraiding.com/Braiding_Tips.htm

- Cornrows in front; Twists in back
- Cornrows in front; Box Braids in back
- Cornrows in front; Bun in back
- Flat Twists in front; Twists in back
- Flat Twists in front; Box Braids in back
- Flat Twists in front; Bun in back
- Bantu Knots in front; Twists in back
- Bantu Knots in front; Box Braids in back
- Bantu Knots in front; Bun back
- Braids into Bantu Knots (http://www.worldofbraids.com/upload/page_files/58.jpg)
- Twists into Bantu Knots

- Cornrows under Wig
- Weave / Sew-in
- Micros / Sew-in Combo
- Lace Front / Lace Wig
- Phony pony
- Phony puff
- Cornrows under HeadWrap (http://cornrows.co.uk/patterns/wrap01d.jpg)
- Bun under HeadWrap

Loolahloo- GREAT thread. I've been considering changing up my style soon...summer's on it's way... this thread makes choosing a protective style so so so much simpler for me.

Great post :Rose:


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I've been transitioning for past 10 months and I've been wearing tree braids the whole time. I didn't see that on the list unless it is called something else. My hair has really grown.


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I've been transitioning for past 10 months and I've been wearing tree braids the whole time. I didn't see that on the list unless it is called something else. My hair has really grown.

Oooh, great idea! I'll add to the list. Thanks, rhlong!


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I wish i can find protective style for about 5" of hair. I want something new other that braids and twists. If i put it in a ponytail it will be itty bitty :nono:, plus i will need 50 million hair pins to keep some of my hair up :wallbash:


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ohhhhh, This was my wedding hair!
NEW: Sophisticated Bun (http://www.essence.com/essence/photo...3897-6,00.html)



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Wow, this was very nice of you. I'm transitioning (10 months) and I'm running out of options. This really helps.
i know right? my transition is over but my mom's is not and we are both running out of ideas.

thanks again loolalooh! first it was your fotki for my sister...now this for my mom. what you got for me?! LOL!


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Don't know how I missed this the first time around but it should definitely be a sticky. Thanks to all contributors, you ladies rock!


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Thank you so much!! I just went through this list, and I'm excited about experimenting, style wise, with my hair again!


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1,000 thanks to the contributors to this thread. I'm not tired of my french twist . . . YET, but I know me . . . it's coming. :rolleyes:
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:grin: THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THIS THREAD. I have been transitioning for 2 years and am trying to get to bra strap length and needed more ideas for protective styles!:drunk:
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I'm loving these new additions for long/med hair length.

I can't wait to try the ringlets with headband and the Big Bun Theory. Yikes I'm so excited for a new hairstyle.