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1st time Aphogee treatment


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Hi Ladies,

I have lurked on the boards for two weeks investigating protein treatments and deep conditioning tips. Since my stylist usually gives me a Mizani Custom Blend treatment, which is nearly the same price as a "touch up," I thought I'd try it at home myself (with her blessings :)). However, shortness of funds drove me into Sally's to try and find an equivalent to the Mizani system. I read about the Aphogee treatment and many of the pros and cons of this product. So, I purchased the treatment and the balancing moisture conditioner. I read the instructions over and over again, until I figured I'd just bite the bullet and try it out. I figured the treatment was strong, if not stronger than the Kerafuse and just did my custom blend using the Aphogee products. I mixed 1 TB of the treatment and 1.5 TB of the balancing moisture in a small baggy. I DID use a cap while I sat under the dryer (preheated on med) for 10 mins. The results where phenomenal! My hair wasn't crazy hard and it was moisturized as well. Next time I will probably apply less treatment/more balancing, because I have a 2-1 (moisture - protein) ratio I only needed a protein boost. If you have never had a Custom Blend go to Mizan-usa.com and use the wheel to determine your "blend." Once you know your ratio, you can pretty much figure out how to blend using other brands. My apologies, if this is all elementary. I was so excited I just wanted to shout ( on here that is) :D .


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Thanks for the tip!! :up: I went to the site to find out that my hair is 2 - 2 :eek: I have to add a little more protein to my hair regimen!!

Welcome!! :)


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Welcome! Yea my stylist used to always charge me an arm and a leg for a mizani custom treatment. So a looong time ago, i purchased the keraphix and the hydrafuse conditioners and i started doing the custom treatment at home, myself. wayyy cheaper! I bought them at Sheldeez...or u can get them on eBay for cheap... Maybe i will try using up my aphogee in this way..since i dont use it in the traditional way because it's too hard...