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20-21 Coffee Tea Acv Ayur Onion Rice Chebe Challenge


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Made a moisturizing DC that I will be applying as a prepoo today:

2 tbsp Garnier whole blends honey mask
1.5 tbsp Coconut milk
2 tsp hibiscus powder
1 tsp of each: Amla, Methi, Moringa
Mixed the DC with herbal tea rinse until I was happy with the consistency

I will be applying the growth oil on my scalp as a hot oil treatment, and the DC on the length. Leave it under plastic cap for the day until I am ready to wash it off.

I will be using the tea rinse as the L for my LCO later.
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I spritz my scalp with NB Chebe hair tonic/on top of that I applied the NB Chebe saw palmetto scalp serum,on the length Cactus hair lotion to remoisturize & HBCO to seal...

*My hair is in spider braids

Happy Hair Growing!


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How are you taking it internally. I’ve actually never used it on my skin but use it in my smoothie.
And thanks, my hair is the longest it’s ever been!
@NowIAmNappy I open 2 capsules and put it in my smoothies,my blood pressure is normal. I no longer take the medication and I check with my Doctor on the regular,in addition I check my blood pressure 2xs a day.. :wave:

•For my skin,I add it to my clay mask it really helps clear out bacteria & unhealthy oils

Happy Hair Growing!