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20-21 Coffee Tea Acv Ayur Onion Rice Chebe Challenge


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Amla + coconut milk + henna treatment.

I should have posted it here, rather than in this week's hair plans thread: ACV Rinse helped dissolve my SSKs
(ETA: Skepticism is good... I tried a search and destroy and saw SSKs are still there, just flattened and smoothed down so they felt like nothing)

and intertwined tangles.

I used it on dry hair, co-washing afterwards, then the fantasia aloe gel and
oil mix as leave-ins.
Even with DC and these same leave-ins used before,
the tangles and knots wouldn't go away..so I know I'm not just imagining the difference the ACV made.

After the leave-ins, and running hands through the tangles and knots, rubbing etc, knots just went away totally. It's actually a mini miracle.
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