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20-21 Coffee Tea Acv Ayur Onion Rice Chebe Challenge


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
  • ACV rinse before shampoo and after shampoo + conditioner + DC :nono:
  • Moroccan peppermint green tea rinse to wash that out or dilute it more (scared at how thin my hair looked and shedding)
  • other SB/EOs and other oils/butters blend for scalp but includes nothing that is listed in the title of this thread


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woah! i didn't know a person could use the skins. i bet it doesn't hurt as much when making it? (my eyes at least, water too much with onions).
Totally pain free, apart from using my good good vodka to preserve it :) . I think it was @mzteaze who originally posted the vid from Root4U45 on how to make it. I followed her recipe, except I added rose buds + hibiscus to my vodka, and a little sulphur powder.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Had made peppermint/green tea/chamomile tea with onion like Maitha but no sedr powder. Put it in near-empty bottle of Oshima Tsubaki camellia oil that also has some Abyssinian n jojoba with neroli. Applied today. ETA oh ya it had MSM powder in it too
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3b/3c. henna/cassia.


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Do you just use normal Vatika the basic one? I had a reaction to Vatika and checking the ingredients online, I think it was the garlic one as they had Hydroquinone in it.
I saw it on sale here and thinking about trying it again.

I use the normal Vatika (coconut oil, amla, lemon). BUT, I've had this bottle for YEARS!!!!! So, my experience is based on a formula that may not still be in circulation any longer.

This bottle style :


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Thank you @mzteaze. Seems it has the TBHQ in it too but maybe in lower quantity than what I had tried before.
Or maybe there are knockoff versions that have harmful / tainted ingredients.

Used rice water rinse (4 days soaked so must be somewhat fermented? no bad smell though) after everything.
Rice water helped tone down the greasiness and in holding down the random short bits (I 'pressed' unruly pieces of crown flat by putting on a wig :biggrin:.)