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20-21 Coffee Tea Acv Ayur Onion Rice Chebe Challenge


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I hydrated some fenugreek powder with a tea of hibiscus, brahmi, fenugreek leaves, rose petal powder. I mixed and left for about 11hrs, then strained.

I massaged my scalp and detangled with the mix.

I'm prepooing with the plain mix on my scalp, and a mix on the length of my hair. I mixed with my onion skin tonic and a squeeze and scoop of a two DCs- Hair Feast and CR Algae Renew).

I'll sleep in this, wrapped in cling film and scarf.


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Spritz cornrows/scalp with homemade herbal mix ( fenugreek, aloe vera, nettle, neem leaves, vegetable glycerin, sea moss, tea tree, rosemary, peppermint e.o)
Massage scalp with homemade herbal oil mix ( chebe powder, horsetail powder, black sesame oil, jbco, emu oil, grapeseed oil)
Seal ends with Oyin handmade pomade.


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Can anyone give me advice on the smell with fermented rice water? It makes my hair feels wonderful, but I don’t use it consistently because, again, the smell lmaooooo

Also, I would love to join this challenge! @IDareT'sHair

Oh and additionally, I use chebe in my deep conditioners inconsistently, and I henna my hair about 4x a year for the conditioning properties.


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Glad to have you!

re: RFW - :barf: I read people adding EO's to the mixture. I never have.

When I was fermenting my own DIY FRW - I used it under my DC'er to cut down on the scent.

I've also read people cutting down the time they allow their FRW to ferment.

I started buying Pre-Made FRW products which normally don't have that stanky baby puke scent,


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I bought a Dried, Loose Ayurvedic Herbal Blend from A/M/A/Z/O/N called Yogi's Gift.

You mix it with your favorite Oil(s) and let sit 48 hours (or longer)

It Has:
Vetiver Root
Licorice Root
Hibiscus Flowers
Curry Leaves
Rose Petals
Senna Flowers
Spanish Cherry Flowers
Screw Tree Pods
Sweet Flag
Dried Amla Berry
Black Cumin Seed
Fenugreek Seed
White Tumeric
Babchi Seed
Neem Seed
Henna Seed

I used some Wheat Germ Oil I'm tryna' get rid of and some Coconut MCT Oil (tryna' get rid of) and added in - Baobab and Cameilia Oil. I'll let it sit a week or two.