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20-21 Growth Aides Challenge


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Hey Growth Aide Lovelies!:wave:

Time for the 20-21 Growth Aides Challenge!

You are being "Mentioned" because you participated in the last Challenge or have expressed interest in the Challenge.

All are Welcome. List what you will be using and how.


All New Challengers are Welcome to Join!:welcome:


Don't worry be happy
I is here :yay: this is what I have rn:

Black seed
Onion skins

ETA: Peppermint Rosemary Lavender EOs

I will be using them in DIY oils, teas/infusions and scalp masks.

The plan is daily application. I will not be using all of these everyday or even every week... just what I feel I need and when. Some of these are trials so I may end up tossing some or reaching for others more, let's see.

Today was black seed oil.
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I'm in, I used my candlewarmer to make an infused jar of amla, fenugreek, and brahmi in olive oil. Right now I'm only applying it to the back left nape patch of my hair that is badly broken off because I don't like smelling like the oil and I don't like it getting all over my pillows. This patch is broken off, rough and unwieldly and has not grown back since it broke off two years ago. I'm hoping these herbs help bring me some new growth in addition to softening it.


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I’m definitely in! I used my onion skin rinse and oiled my hair with my onion and Ayurvedic oil. I will be using henna, Amla, Brahmi, shikakai, fenugreek, burdock root, cassia and ashwagandha in my hair regimen this year. I Will use them in oils, teas, and masks


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Really! Please share your experience. Have you done these in the past? seen results? TIA

I've been going for a long time to this person but since last year we went ham on my scalp. I had a seriously thin area at my crown on my scalp that was resisting other efforts. She's managed to get the section to fill in. It's about 80-85% better than it was at the start of 2019. We are working to get the last 10-15% to fill in. She keeps looking for baby hairs.

ETA: For me, it was mildly uncomfortable as she inserted the needles but there was no long lasting discomfort or pain. I also did it, at times, in concert with Chinese herbs at the suggesting of my acupuncturist.