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20-21 Growth Aides Challenge


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Spritz my scalp & hair with Neges Banda”Chebe hair tonic & applied Chebe saw palmetto serum on my scalp” sprayed the lower length of my hair with Bekura”bahari water hair tea” and moisturized with PJN”Grow moisturizer” resealed with Bekura”Black Tisane” hair oil.

***Hair is in two large Bantu knots,nicely hydrated & soft.

Happy Hair Growing!


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I’ll be lurking. Just got some Camille Rose grease with sulfur in it a few weeks ago but I don’t use it consistently because the smell is strong and I just started a new job. No one wants to smell like rotten eggs at a new job

I plan to use it all over but mostly concerned about my Wack Patch at the crown and the left side where I got too scissor happy taking my braids down


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So happy to have you Sis!:2inlove:

Will be keeping up with your progress.:up:
Hello. I’m just now seeing this. This site doesn’t do a good job of keeping notifications around. So I think that’s why I missed your message to me. I have to remember to come to this website. I always to! ‍♀️ I am so forgetful.

My diet has improved markedly and so I’m definitely seeing a differ in my hair. Plus I’ve been steaming with my pre-poos and my deep conditioner each wash day. I’ll start drinking fenugreek water tomorow morning and drink it daily.

Have you ever used fenugreek internally? If so, what were your results. What are your thoughts on L-cysteine?


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Glad your treatments are going well and it's good to see you Sis! :2inlove:

Missed y'all but I was going thru it - herniated disc in my "butt", uterine surgery and now work related stress.

But the good news is even with me just "sort of" following the program put together by my online visit with a Trichologist, my hair is doing well filling in at the crown. So if I can actually CONSISTENTLY do it, I expect my hair will fill in.


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@KenyafromCT They really are..My tops Favorites from her line are-

Fenugreek Hair Growth Tonic
Nettle leaf & Moringa scalp oil
Pine Tar & Rosemary scalp oil”itchy scalp”
Sea Moss & Rosemary Hair Butter
Chebe hair tonic”prevents length breakage”

Happy Hair Growing!
Thanks for sharing. If you had to pick one to order which would you buy? I usually wear plaits and just learned how to twist my hair. So I’m iso some to protect my ends.


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@KenyafromCT Its hard to pick just one,they all do different things..But the two I would choose,are Fenugreek hair spritz & Rosemary hair growth butter.

Happy Hair Growing!
I’m just seeing this. I’ve been drinking fenugreek water and using it as a pre-pop. My hair loves jt but my ends turn their nose up to it. Lolol. So I have to figure out how to use it without my ends becoming too dry.