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20-21 Growth Aides Challenge


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Camille Rose coco nibs tonight

It better work too lol I need my hair to be full again so I’m working hard. It’s been looking real insufficient lately. It seems to be on the mend though. Been on YouTube all day studying high porosity hair care tips lol.


Hey Growth Aide Lovelies!:wave:

Time for the 20-21 Growth Aides Challenge!

You are being "Mentioned" because you participated in the last Challenge or have expressed interest in the Challenge.

All are Welcome. List what you will be using and how
All New Challengers are Welcome to Join!:welcome:
I’d like to join. I’m still trying to figure my hair out After all these years of being natural. As you get older things change and you have to adjust your regimen lol! I needed some growth aides and I have ordered all kinds of stuff off of Amazon and have been taking them for a minute now and have seen a tremendous change in strand thickness and density. I think this challenge is perfect for me right now. Along with some moisture challenges...So let’s get it Poppin’ hair gurus...please help! Any suggestions are welcome. I thought I was 4c until I saw this guy on YouTube who said he was 4d/5a and his hair was EXACTLY like mines. When I was younger people in the salon would laugh at my hair. But I LOOOOOVE my 4c/d 5a low porosity hair. Attached is pic of my hair strand. I don’t use heat but I’ve noticed some 4’s use heat to keep their hair straight. Let me know what you think ladies. Thanks!!!!


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Ive used that Uhuru Naturals Fermented Rice Water spray for two days and I like it. My scalp gets such a cooling sensation. Its great. If I ever get a protective style I'd for sure use it alone.