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20-21 Oil Grease Butter Lotion Creme Pomade Challenge


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Is there going to be a new challenge posted or is this one going through the end of 2021? I would like to join bc grease is the TROOF! :yep:

I just bought me some more Blue Magic greases:

Castor Oil
Super Sure Gro

And I also have a little bit of the original blue Blue Magic left.

I also have a jar of the Dax Kocatah as well. My hair has bounced back immensely! I'm almost back at Hip Length, just need 2-3 inches! I'm pretty sure I'll be past TBL by the end of the year at this rate! :yay:


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I've been wanting to join this challenge since the year began, just kept forgetting about it. I'm officially In .
Being mixing my oils for 2 -3 years, began whipping butters for a year now, loving every bit of It, hair, scalp and body feels loved.
Whipped some Ayurvedic chebe butter, use to massage scalp and seals ends.
Made an aloe oil this week, used to massage scalp, will also be used for prepoo and for body oil.