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20-21 Oil Grease Butter Lotion Creme Pomade Challenge


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Still greasing my scalp on wash day with Natures Blessing pomade. I also put a thick layer in my crown area where my head is now completely grey and super dry with JBCO Lavender butter on wash day. I slick down my edges every night with JBCO Lavender butter. My edges and crown area is filling in nicely.


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Couple drops of Emu Oil
Hydratherma Naturals Protein Balance Leave-In
Couple swipes of Camille Rose Ajani Growth Balm


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Using the Curl of Essance JBCO grease still.....It should be finished by next week at the latest. I’m thinking after that I will alternate Natures Blessings Pomade with the hair butter from Sunny in Denbigh.