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2010-11-14 - Downgrade Status

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Nikos, thanks for brining us back so quickly. Things can only get better as time goes on. Your work's greatly appreciated! :)


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Okay got that we are upgrading but why cant I even start a thread. Keep getting the 500 Internal Server Error




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I was starting to get used to the new format, but it's nice to see the original format up and running :yep: Once the kinks get ironed out (no hair pun intended :giggle:) then it should be smooth sailing. Thanks Nikos!


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Thanks for the kind words ladies.

I know it is frustrating not to be able to utilize the full features of the forum. Trust me, if I knew how slow the forum will end up after the upgrade in August I would have never done it. Since then we had 145,000 posts so I did not want to lose all that content and roll back. We had to do it the hard way by slowly downgrading everything.

There are some issues still as you are all aware. You can only reply using the quick reply box and the old threads give out a 500 error. Some other areas (like blogs etc) do the same thing. Hopefully we can get everything sorted out tonight.


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It is too bad that we had to go back to the old website. Now yall are having withdrawal symptoms and I am laughing at cha. lol This kind of stuff takes time. A couple of days ago we could login and everything. This is where the complaining has got us. I'm cool with whenever it comes up.
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