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2014 Challenge- CoWash, CoCleanse, Mud Wash, Honey Cleanse, & Others


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I had to subsidise my SD Go Moist with AIA Cleansing Pudding because that what was nearby w/o getting out of the shower.


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I have a large container of Aztec and I bought 5 pounds of Rhassoul from Mountain Rose Herbs. I also hesitate for paying a large amount for a small bottle. I tried to duplicate the recipe. It is good for facials as well.


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Sorry, Ms. Lady I just saw this.

I like/love :love: (in no particular order)
Darcy's Cleansing Conditioner
Hairveda's Amala Cleanse
As I Am Cleansing Pudding (for deeper cleansing - the closest thing I have to a shampoo)
Shea Moisture Anti Purification Hair Mask
DevaCurl No Poo
Hydroquench Systems (Coconut & Lime) *others*
Claudie's Jojoba & Claudie's 3n1
Curl Junkie Daily Fix
Silk Dreams Whip My Hair
Hairitage Hydrations Dark Honey Cleansing Conditioner *discontinued*


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Today was my cowash day but I am so tired I had to skip it. I hate when that happens. Oh, well back at it next week.