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2015 APL/BSL Challenge


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Mornin' ladies! :wavey:
I texturized on Thanksgiving day :badidea:

It was too much going on in the house and delayed the full neutralizing process. Plus I forgot to add oil to the mix. But my hair survived its just a lot silkier than I wanted.

This morning Im doing a very light flat iron job so I can use my split ender to trim. My ends look surprisingly good. My hair has never been full all the way to the ends before. I will post my LC later today.

Has anyone bought a LC tshirt that their happy with? Any suggestions on where to get one? I think its time to get one.


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^^^that video was very enjoyable. I love straightening videos. Their actually my favourite types of videos to watch in youtube lolol.

She did a great job and her hair was gorgeous. It looked professional too.

The last time I straightened my hair I was left with heat damage. I used a cheap straightener. I will never do that again!

I'm sticking to my stylist to do it next time. I'm avoiding heat for my yearly straighten altogether.

It's so hard when you see super silky hair like that though


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I want my ends to look like this!! I don't care how much I have to trim

Oh my goodness! !! Me tooo!!!

My ends looked like this when I first got it straightened last year before I colored it and ruined it and cut it off in sections ... I will be cutting the bajeezers out of it to get it again till get it to look like this when I straighten again next year. . The end *of next year. I'm obsessed with ends

Thank you for sharing. Your ends will definitely look like that easily! !
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I have been trying to switch it up lately with how I do my twist outs and I'm going to go back to using flax seed gel. It gives the best results for me. Also, I had to throw away my ecosytler because I couldn't stop using it even tho my edges have been thinning because of it. My hair has been sooo dry lately so I guess I need to find a new daily moisturizer. I swear I've been searching for one for years.


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I blow dried my hair last night and some sections of my hair are officially longer than they have ever been in my life. I probably would've had better growth if I protected by ends while sleeping this year, moisturised daily, and stayed away from heat sooner so I'm excited to see where my hair will be when I end my transition next year at 30 months. My hair has never been bsl but I really think I can make it next year. I'll post pics after my trim


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I finished my first half marathon this morning, 2:22:41. I'm resting now. I really want to take these crochet braids out. My cornrows are really loose and the hair is matting.
Congrats on your half marathon @traceedeebee. Remember todrench your hair in some hot oil. It will help with detangling. Better yet, try Chicoro's prepoo. Your hair just might like it.