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2015 Challenge- CoWash, CoCleanse, Mud Wash, Honey Cleanse, & Others


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You know, I cowash the morning after using my sulfur/jbco mix on my scalp. I can't really take the smell all day so out it goes the next day...:nono:

I started using the GHE whenever I use the oil mix so I get a really good tingly penetration of the oil all night. My reasoning is as a result, there's no need to keep it on all the next day as well:drunk:.


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Cowashed my celies this morning with Matrix Biolage Moisture Hydratation Conditioner. Love that conditoner. I need to feel it on my hair while loose and inraveled because it felt really good on my hair while in plaits.


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Overnight conditioner for co-wash: Tresemmé Undone
(Can't wait to get a steamer so overnight conditioning isn't a thing anymore)
ACV rinse


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Used the last corner of my VO5 Kiwi Clarifying Conditioner and the last corner of my Hairveda Amala Cleanse.

Also used Siamese Twists Chocolate Silk Cleansing Conditioner to finish it out.

May use Curl Junkie's Argan & Olive for a Final Rinse-Out after DC'ing.