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I"ve only been ordering lace wigs online but I saw some cute full cap wigs in my local bss. Since i'm taking my braids out on Saturday I may have to stop in and pick up a new one.


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How time flies when you are wigging it. It's been 4 months straight now.

I had some serious lifting on the right sideburn of my wig today. The last time it happened, I wasn't at work and I had a scarf with me so I slapped that on like a headband and I was all good. Today it was just me and my prayers:lol:.

Fortunately, the hairline at the sides are masked by the hair so hiding it wasn't difficult. On the way home I was wearing the hair like a scarf so the gusts of wind wouldn't catch me out.

I plan to dust/ trim my hair tomorrow after work and will probably wear it out, as just thinking about plaiting it up and applying my wig is making me tired.


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I'm currently wearing sensationnel bare and natural in bohemian and it perfectly matches my leave out. I need a break from the heat



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Fed up of experimenting with rubbish, nasty aliexpress messy hair. Not wasting money anymore. Is this company/wig any good? I just want to go with a good reputable company that will give me hair to last6 months without looking like a stiff mess. My hair is becoming difficult to manage with my time schedule and personal issues so I've been neglecting it.

Anyone have any advice for some shoulder length (12" 14"?) straight natural ( like kinky straight, Italian/coarse/light yaki hair). I just want a style that I can be consistent with so that if wear my real hair out for a few days the transition won't be obvious. My price limit is $200 or so.


Thank you!

My friend buys her wigs from April Lace wigs. They last get about a year and the latest one has lasted longer due to the way she cares for it.

She's been buying from them for the past 5 years. Always the same wig though so I'm not sure when it comes to other textures.

There are loads of video testimonials on YT. go and watch them befit you decide.


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I just ordered:

-NJoy's Graying Hair Essentials Supplements x 3 bottles
-NJoy's Long and Healthy Hair Growth Oil (sulfur-free)

-1 Saga Remy Front Lace Wig (100% human hair) named TRIVIA for protective styling. This is a really cute wig that I bought in #1 a few months back and this time I bought in color OP27 for a slightly different look during the holidays:yep:.

i like that wig...that is definitely on my list.


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I have a limited experience with wigs but think all wigs need a little tweaking before wearing, in order to make them look natural. It is a lucky woman that can pull it out the bag and rock it just like that and have it look natural.

i only have two wigs i can wear out the bag and not tweak them...but the majority of them ..um yes..


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I haven't read the whole thread but I just wanted to say take the combs out and use hair pins to secure the wig. BUT switch the pins every now and then. I wore a half wig for 6 months and wore the pins at the temples and they thinned out. Just be careful with that.


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Went through the entire thread and bought two wigs!...is there going to be a 2016 challenge??? Holding my spot

I plan on wigging it the whole year.


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While out buying a wig for my mom I saw 2 gorgeous wigs that I just have to have. Why oh why didn't I put the model names in my phone???
I know one of them has swiss lace which I heard can roll up. Will the elastic band method combat that?

Eta Found them! Olay and Lisa :afro:
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Been mia for a minute ladies. I made me a new wig a few weeks ago. Been wanting a long bob look but when I got done I just couldn't bring myself to cut it smh lol. Pics of wig once done then after I wore it then when I did a flexirod set on it. 16" of indian think this is the shortest wig I own lol
11232015202858.jpg 11232015202913.jpg 11232015202932.jpg 11232015202820.jpg 11232015202743.jpg

I also did a flat twistout on my long curly wig
11232015202951.jpg 11232015203021.jpg


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