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Got my Toni wig last week. My friend who's visiting from NY brought it with her to London.

I shaped it up yesterday and I just love how natural it looks. I freaking love it. I wish I had bought 2 so I could wear them back to back when the this one dies.

I'm looking for a kinky straight wig now to alternate with my afro wig. I wish Toni's wasn't synthetic because it would be even more beautiful and would last a lot longer.

So now I'm on the hunt for a really good kinky straight wig. I will be Wigging it for the whole year!


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I'm still wigging it with my previously posted custom unit. My hair is thriving.

Every 7 weeks, I do a take down, visit my stylist for a good wash and dc session. She blow dries it and braids it back up. My hair stays stretched even with the washing and moisturizing in-between and I think the blowdrying is the key to retention.

I just bought some new products (stylist recommended) to help in this journey:

D/C: Oyin handmade honey hemp conditioner
Moisturizer: Qhemet biologics Burdock root
Oil: Plain jojoba oil (Njoy oil makes my scalp itch something fierce).

A hot head d/c cap to help with my d/c sessions.

Any naturals want to share their wig regimen?


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image.jpeg image.jpeg

This is my last wig of the year & I'll probably get a weave in mid or late January (gosh I've hadn't a weave since May, just wig after wig).

This wig is called Sweet Blossom, now I did cut the hair it was a little longer than I liked. I don't ever try to blend the lace part. I really love the bang on this unit it's just perfect.


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To the natural ladies, what are your blending tips and tricks for your edges? I'm still trying to nail the perfect combination of product and technique.
I am so tempted to get an Edgestick but I wonder if I'll do my non-exsistent edges more harm than good.


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I did well with this challenge. The swig cap helped a lot. I figure one more year of wearing the gig and I will be good to go.


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4C/hi-po/Fine strands/med-low density.
Chickened out!!...these damned wigs are hot and sweaty and i feel like i need to wash my hair DAILY!!

having micro-braids installed today...!


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@ceecy29 I'm natural and I wear my hair in flat twists underneath my wigs.
I redo them every one to two weeks and try to change the pattern. Spray daily with something moisturizing and heavily seal the ends, sometimes I baggy them.
If I could find someone decent in the area that didn't yank my hair out I would leave cornrows in for 7-8 weeks..

@Smiley79 I just put a little oil or pomade and tie my edges down at night. They're pretty laid by the time I get dressed.


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@FollicleFanatic Thanks for the tip...you hit it on the nail for me! I never thought about that. I need to prep my edges from the night before. I usually do it as i'm getting ready to head out the door and clearly that's not enough time for my edges to set. I'll try that this week and see how it goes. And this will be better than using a heat tool.

I ordered 2 wigs from Sams's. Can't wait to get them in the mail. :yep:

Is there a 2016 Wig thread yet. If so, I am in. This challenge was a hit for me and my edges didn't suffer.:yahoo:


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If you mentioned wanting to join the 2016 Wig Challenge in December 2o15, I added you to the challenger list in the 2016 thread.


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@bajandoc86 Girl your looks are always on point and I loveeee your blog. That wig is super cute. I can never find a wig with bangs that doesn't look wiggy on me. That one looks so natural on you. I like it. Btw, did you do a tutorial on how you did your turban wrap with bangs. I would like to replicate that look but my turban wraps always end up looking a hot mess. :confused: