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2016 - Steaming To Boost Moisture


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Her shipping time etc...is fine. She just did something that irked me.:angry2:

I used her Rosemary & Coconut a few days ago, and liked it, but I'm staying away from her (for now).:angry2:


PJ Rehabilitation Center
I'm super excited. I hadn't purchased from her since 2014 (I looked at my history).

I recently got these on a Swap with another poster:
Triple Seaweed
Bentonite Rhassoul Detox
Spinach & Wheatgrass

I purchased:
Dead Sea Mask
Burdock Root & Nettle
Hibiscus & Broccoli
Raw Honey
Aloe Hair Mask
Irish Moss & Cocoa
Cherry Bark & Peppermint Pre-Poo

ETA: Can't wait to start Steamin'!