2017 Challenge - Cowash, Cocleanse, Mud Wash, Honey Cleanse, & Others


PJ Rehabilitation Center
HQS Coconut & Lime (if I use this up, I'll finish up with HV Amla Cleanse)

Final R/O:
CRN's Moroccan Pear & Argan Conditioning Custard


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Something Cheap to Rinse this Henna out. Maybe Garni.er Fruc.tis something or other?

Will probably use some Hairveda Moist 24/7 too.


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While I have been off work I have been playing around with cowashing and mud washing. I keep my mudwash simple with calcium bentonite, sodium bentonite, acv and water. In the past I had tried leaving the mud on longer to see if I had better definition. However, this past week I found that it worked better if I applied the mud, let it sit for a while, rinsed and then applied it again. My hair was smoother and I had more definition. After I rinsed out the second mud application my hair felt conditioned and as if I had put oil in my hair.

In the future when I have time I will apply mud twice. At some point I may also try the mud without the ACV. However, it makes it so easy to smooth out. Without it my mud comes out lumpy.