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2017 Delightfully Delicious Deep Conditioning Challenge

Jade Feria

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Monday DC'ed with SSI Curl Moist conditioner mixed with several ayurvedic herbs (henna, amla, brahmi, kapoor kachli, rose petal, neem), honey, and Parachute ayurvedic oil. 30 minutes under dryer.

Today DC'ed with Jessicurl Deep Treatment 30 minutes under steamer, followed by an ayurvedic tea rinse (same herbs as above).


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Currently prepooing with Vitale Olive Oil in a plastic cap, don't know what I will dc with yet. I lost less hair this time...very proud.
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How do you like it? It's on my list.

I really like this APB Ayurvedic Cleansing Con. I've never tried a cleansing conditioner before. The scent is not as yummy as her other cons I have but it is still good and quite freshly scented. The best con I've combed my hair with to date. Now my hair is dry, I think it left it feeling a smidge harder than usual but thats probably powders and me not DCing after. I still feel like I want to re-up on this one.


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I promise I have not been slacking on deep conditioning. Just forgetting to post in this thread.

My hair was dutttyy and needed a good wash and condition days ago but I didnt have my personal hair products. So I just washed my hair and finished deep conditiong a few hours ago.

I deep conditioned with Africas Best Hair Mayo under my heating wrap. Afterwards I deep conditioned with L'Oreal Damage Erasing Balm without heat.

My hair is in braids now, hoping for a nice braidout tomorrow :look::cantlook:


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Cathy Howse UBH (under dryer 20 minutes)
J.Monique DC'ers *various* mixed with Kalpi Tone & Amla Powders (under dryer 40 minutes)