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2018 2019 Pre Poo Challenge


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Calling all Pre-Poo'ers into this Challenge!:orders:

If you Pre-Poo before Shampooing or Cleansing this Challenge is for You!

Whether you use: Conditioner, Oils, Mud/Clay, Food (Banana's, Avocado, Honey), Ayurveda Powders or Pre-Made Pre-Poo Treatments - This Challenge is for you!

Since we are half-way through 2018, this Thread will continue through 2019.

Just pop in and tell us What You're Using and how you're using it each time you use one and your results, likes/dislikes. Ya'll know what to do!



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I'm going to start pre-pooing this weekend.
I used to use Red Palm Oil before ditching it due to mess.
but now, I purchased Njoy's prepoo and moisutre seal. I'm excited to follow the instructions (steaming I think I read) and seeing what results I get from the whole starter kit.
Once a week for me. I'll mid week co-wash.


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Today I'm using:
Phyto Huile d'ales (Pre-Shampoo Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment)

Under Saran Wrap, Plastic Cap and Durag.

Will use this most of the day today running errands, lunching w/friends etc.... Glad it doesn't stank.


On the Grow and Keeping it Simple
To prepoo, I used:

  • Aloe Vera Gel + Avocado Oil mix to lightly detangle
  • topped with my Shea Butter, coconut oil, and olive oil blend (I’m using this up).
I covered with a plastic cap and let sit overnight. When I shampooed the next day, my hair felt great. Clean but not as stripped.


Flowah Powah
I prepood today with Suave Strawberry Fields without even thinking about it. Ever since I did that last week and was very happy with the rest of wash day, it is now part of what I do. :lol:


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Doing a prepoo now with EVO and Castor Oil.

I've made the process easy enough to incorporate in my weekly routine.

I start with dry hair. Then I comb all my hair down from the crown. When applying the oil, I liberally apply it to the crown area and massage it in.

I get more oil and massage all through my hair. Then I lightly comb through to make sure the oil is equally distributed. Finally, I put on a plastic cap and tie a towel around my head and let sit for an hour.

Sounds way more complicated than it really is!

My hair is loving the extra luv! My newgrowth is not conning in all tangly and is just easier to style.

I'll try too prepoo twice a week. :yep: