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2018 Christian Random Thoughts ... Forsaking Compromise


A fleck on His Sword
@Laela what have you discovered about the eastern (Hebrew) mindset vs. the western (Greek or Greco-Roman) one? Did you want to start a thread on it? I'm bored, lol.


Sidestepping the "lynch mob"
^^^ yes, a dedicated thread is a better idea.lol @ being bored. Hope you're having a blessed day!


A fleck on His Sword
This is going to sound strange. The original writers of Scripture were fine; they wrote what they heard and saw. I try not to judge the past with present understanding, but I know shade when I see it. The early English translators had a bias against women. When you start to do word studies, it jumps out at you.

Case in point: The Hebrew word, anah - to be bowed down or afflicted; abase self, defile.

Deuteronomy 21:14, the early translators softened the meaning of this word to downplay what a man could do to a foreign captive (humbled, humiliated). The current translations are not much better. Afflicted, defiled or dealt harshly should have been used as in other parts of the OT. The reason that ordinance was in Scripture was to discourage that behavior and make the one doing it look like an idiot. This is not the only time this has happened. When it was an enemy, then the words raped, violated, defiled, or forced were used.
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