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2019 Challenge - Cowash, Cocleanse, Mud Wash, Honey Cleanse, & Others


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Used up all the gud conditioner. Tonight I tried Giovanni Chic Ultra Moisturizing conditioner. I think I like it. I can probably use less of it than other conditioners.


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Still water rinsing and then conditioning with Giovanni Chick Ultra Moisturizing conditioner and leaving it in. It is working well so far.


Hi! Happy to join.

1) State of hair: Natural
2) Current hair length: Tailbone
3) Ultimate hair length: classic
4) Year end hair goal: longer, less shedding/ breakage, all one length ( currently have layers)
5) Method you will be using to cleanse your hair and scalp while retaining moisture: co-wash and clay mask (rhassoul clay mix)
6) Number of times per week you will do this: once
7) Products and/or ingredients you will be using: as I am cowash, rhassoul/aloe juice mix, mielle organics deep condish, Camille rose hair milk, OBIA naturals curling custard
8) Anything you will be doing just prior or after (deep conditioning, hot oil, ayurvedic treatment, oil rinsing etc): henna once a month, deep condition weekly
9) Frequency of traditional shampoo use: once/month
10) List shampoo: mielle organics babassu shampoo


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I did a lot of different stuff tonight. I cleansed with Redken Cleansing Conditioner. I like it but something about it I just can't put my finger on yet. I have a super huge bottle of it so I will be living with this for a while.

Then I did a Cherry Lola treatment but um, yeah it didn't work well after using the Redken Cleansing Conditioner. I should have done a mudwash instead of using the Cleansing Conditioner :ohwell: I left that in about 1 hour while I did a search and destroy. Then I did a mudwash. Now I'm deep conditioning with TGIN Honey Mask.


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Currently doing my hair right now:

-Prepoo - Curl Origins Overnight Mask
-Shampoo - Kerastase Therapiste Shampoo
-Deep Conditioners - a combination of Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint DC (protein) and SSI Rose Clay DC (moisturizing).
-Leave-in - IN Hibiscus and Aloe Leave-in
-Moisturizer and sealant - SCurl Moisturizer, QB BRBC and BM Grease.