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2019 Coffee Clay Chebe Onion Rice Tea Ayurv Acv Avj Challenge


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Hi Ya'll - It's 2019! :wave:

We ALL Did so Well in this Challenge in 2018 - It's time to Start a New Challenge for a New You! :congrats:

You are Receiving this "MENTION" because you participated in last year's Challenge.

Tell Us What You're Using, Share Recipes, Outcomes, Results, Failures --- Ya'll know what to do in here!

Let's make it a Great 2019!:cup:

My Only Request Please "NO RANDOMS" If you have a comment or question, PM the member.

This is for Serious Challengers ONLY!
@Alma Petra
@curly caress


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I’m here ... lurking ... again. :curtain:

I’ve never stopped using ayurveda powders since 2010. I think it’s the only reason I still have hair on my head. Lol. My staples aren’t anything exotic:

Conditioner- Henna, Brahmi and Amla mixed into cheapie condish
Moisturizing Conditioner - Hibiscus and salt mixed into cheapie condish
Cleanser- Neem and Shikakai mixed into cheapie condish

Sometimes I throw Bhringraj into a mix or moisturizing spray mix.

I wash with a regular sulfate or clarifying shampoo every 1-2 months.

I stop using the powders in braid/twist extensions or any style I can’t frequently rinse. Although I have made and used a very weak Henna/water tea spray while in extensions for 3 weeks. Can’t remember the outcome. Hmm. May try that again. :scratchchin:

I also don’t use them when straightening my hair.

Ok, HHG ladies!! Back to lurkmode.:sekret:


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Okay, didn't have time to post much last night.
So, I'm just continuing what I've been doing the past year or two.

-Henna glazes every 4 weeks or so.
-Green or black tea rinses OR DC with those ingredients (i.e. Kindred Butters DCs)
-Herbal tea rinses and masks (i.e. I love hibiscus)
-I routinely mix Amla, Brahmi, aloe vera powder, fenugreek powder, hibiscus powder, coconut milk, etc into my conditioners.
-Continue with oiling routine.


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I would like to join.

I revisited Ayurvedic a few months ago and wondered why I ever stopped, my hair loves it. Went home for Christmas and found a gold mine of Ayurvedic goodies from back in the day.

Vatika frosting
Shikakai hair oil
Shampoo bars

So I'll be experimenting with these through the new year.


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I would like to join. I have a couple of batches of fenugreek infused oil that I am currently using. Addditionally I am looking to incorporate aloe vera back into my routine. I used it on a regular bases the first few years I was natural. I also have some bentonite clay I bought awhile ago that I need to try.


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I'm in of course! Thanks for the tag @IDareT'sHair. You know you missed out AVJ in your heading :look:.

Ya'll know I use herbal tea rinses on a regular myself. In fact, I just made some. Tonight I used black tea, raspberry leaves, hibiscus, nettle leaves, Belle Bar Green Tea mix, rose hips, and a little Rose powder. I made a lot tonight so it should last me 12-14 days if I use it daily.


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I'm going to do my first rice water rinse today. I added fenugreek, coltsfoot and catnip. It's been sitting for 48hrs and I'm hoping the smell isn't too bad.

It smelled herbal and not bad at all. I'll need to use it a few more times to see if I notice any benefits. I also did a protein treatment (komaza) today so I don't know if that's why my curls are more clumped than usual.


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I'd like to join!!! All I use is homemade products, so this would be perfect!

Last night I made my first clay wash, and it was straight up magical :love::love: ! I used essential oils and my hair smelled like lavendar! Love it!
How often can you use clay washes (bentonite clay)??
I really want to try rice water, but I keep forgetting to set it LOL!