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2020/2021 Challenge - Cowash, Cocleanse, Mud Wash, Honey Cleanse, & Others


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I am currently sitting with an herbal ACV rinse in my hair, but I'm going to follow up with a honey cleanse. This time, instead of making it into a "tea", I'm going to use straight honey. I'll report back later.


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So, I've got mixed feelings about this, but leaning towards the positive. So I used the straight honey yesterday to cleanse. First, I rinsed out the ACV which I had sitting on my hair for an hour (it was diluted to a pH of 5). Then I worked the honey into my hair in sections. I rubbed it into my scalp where my hair was parted.

The honey that I was using was semi-solid and grainy so I didn't rub it through my scalp as I should because it would have been too abrasive.* I left it on my hair for about half an hour? I did a bit of a steam with it because some of the older threads claimed that when it's heated it doesn't change your hair colour.

When I was rinsing it out, I could smell the product the week before. Not sure if this was the product being lifted out or being re-activated from not being removed, since I didn't smell anything but the vinegar rinse at the pre-poo stage. I didn't follow up with conditioner. I plopped my hair. And went for a nap. When I woke up I took off the wet towel and started moisturizing my hair.

Observations: Yesterday, was super sunny! So I'm not sure if it was the fact that we had some real sun or if it was the honey, but my hair had a reddish glow to it. My natural hair colour isn't black, but you can only really see that it isn't when it's sunny out. But I don't want to play around with lightning my hair at the moment.

The other thing that I noticed was that my hair was really soft. It felt nice. Unfortunately, glycine spray and shea butter to moisturize and seal my hair -- I also used a moisturizer in between. The problem is that sometimes shea butter leaves my hair feeling hard at other times my hair ends up feeling really soft, so I won't have any idea how the honey makes my hair feel on its own.

Overall, it's going to stay in my regimen. It's for so many beneficial properties for scalp health. I would prefer to use it straight instead of diluted now that I know that it's an option.

My new regimen might look something like, clay wash, conditioner rinse, honey mask for 3 weeks then, protein treatment, shampoo, conditioner on week 4.:scratchchin:

*Note: I didn't want to microwave the honey to melt it, because I didn't want to destroy any of the properties. I did set it in a warm bath which melted it a bit.

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Used a premix mud mask on saturday.

It has a shea butter blended in and because so It does say use heat or steam. I have never did it before but it was a good experience. I made sure my hair was damp, then slowly added it in. Jumped in the shower and watched the water rinse cloudy. After rinsing hair was soft and fluffy.


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Kaolin clay + goat's milk powder + herbal/botanical tea

Giovanni Smooth as Silk + honey


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Ms. Jessie's Cowash & a little corner of: UFD "Bye Bye Build Up" Cowash

Final R/O: SM's Weightless Moisture Cream Rinse


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Not sure if it belongs in this challenge, but I did a water only wash yesterday. I concentrated on my scalp. I think that I had a lot of oil and stuff still in my hair from prior. After I just moisturized and sealed. My hair feels really good.:look:


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I'd like to join

1) State of hair (relaxed, natural, etc.): Natural
2) Current hair length: Collar Bone
3) Ultimate hair length: Waist Length
4) Year end hair goal (length, density, softness factor, ends maintenance etc): Thicker & stronger hair
5) Method you will be using to cleanse your hair and scalp while retaining moisture: alternating between clay and cowashing every week
6) Number of times per week you will do this: once a week
7) Products and/or ingredients you will be using: aztec indian clay, ayurvedic powders, mielle organics cowash
8) Anything you will be doing just prior or after (deep conditioning, hot oil, ayurvedic treatment, oil rinsing etc): deep conditioning afterwards
9) Frequency of traditional shampoo use: right now I'm not sure. I don't have plans to really use traditional shampoo at the moment
10) List shampoo:


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Cowashed with the Mielle Organics cowash. I'm not sure that I like this product. I have another unopened bottle but I don't think I'll repurchase. I liked the Cream of Nature co wash much better.


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Cowashed my hair with the mielle organics cowash. I used it all and won’t be repurchasing. Didn’t care for it. Maybe I had a bad bottle but it was too watery for me