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2020 Black Friday Wish List What Are you Buying or What Did You Buy?


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Hello Sista' Hair Enthusiasts! :wave:

Gray Thurs, BF, Cyber Mon is Fast Approaching, but as you already know Sales! Sales! Sales! have already started HARD.

Folks are already competing for them Coins early!:twocents:

So...What's on your 2012 "Wish-List" and What Are you Definitely getting during these early Sales and this GT, BF, CM? (Inquiring Minds Wanna know):grouphug:


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I need more-
SSI”Flaxseed” leave in

PJN”Rice Water” moisture cream

Gorgeously Kinky”Leave in” this is a fantastic rinseout

Natures Ego”Fenugreek” leave in spay & Garlic conditioner

Hazels”Black seed” hair oil/leave in & hibiscus serum

Yadain”JBCO” hair butter

*Thats on my list

Happy Hair Growing!


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I think I’m starting to settle into my staples.

I want more:
Briogeo curl charisma conditioner
Innersense hydrating hair bath
A clarifying shampoo... still don’t know which
Kinky curly knot today
Kinky curly curling custard
The doux mousse def


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Shescentit Royal Honey & Argan Mask

Shescentit Royal Honey & Argan Softening Leave in Milk

Shescentit Tahititi Leave in

Shescentit Peach Nectar Mousturizing Yogurt

Shescentit Plum Nectar & Agave moisture rich mayo

Curl Origin Maracuja Rich Moisture Hair milk

Curl Origin Agave and Apricot Moisture Drench Rich Cream

Gorgeously Kinky Pomegranate Agave Styling Milk

Gorgeously Kinky Knot melt Detangling leave in conditioner


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My Wish List
Olaplex No. 3
SheScentIt Royal Honey and Argan Hair Mask
Satin Lined Beanies
Satin Lined Pillowcases

Neem Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner
Camille Rose Naturals Honey Leave In
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