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2020 Use Up Your Stash Challenge


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It's my regular styler now. I put on a leave-in, put on the foam and put my hair up in flat twist. Or I do the same when I bun. If you were doing a wng, apply it over the gel. If you are doing some type of set style: rollers, perm rods, etc, it would be used there.

What other styles are you/she wearing?
Thanks! She is usually in mini twists, flat twists, or two buns. I'm usually in two braids, a bun, or a wash n go. I just tried it on my bun yesterday and loved it!


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Thanks! She is usually in mini twists, flat twists, or two buns. I'm usually in two braids, a bun, or a wash n go. I just tried it on my bun yesterday and loved it!
Cool. Yeah the only style I'm not sure it works on is the mini twist. I've never tried it on that. But it works great for the rest of the styles. It still will take forever to use up. But once you find your staple foam you will be glad it last as long as it does. Glad it worked well on your bun

I use The Doux without a leave-in. I have 2 others I will be playing around with to see how they work out. As you go through your stash please let me know which ones you love. tia


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I finished up my The Mane Choice Hair Type 4 Leaf Clover Deep Conditioner. It was good bur not my favorite. Wouldn't repurchase unless a bomb sale.

I was hoping to get braids soon but think I'm going to do wash n go's until things calm down with the Rona. We will see how many products I'll finish.


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I threw out the bottle of Silk Elements foam. It has protein in it. It might not have caused an issue but decided better safe than sorry. Almost finished with my Kirkland conditioner. Will start on the Curl Junkie. I have some new products coming in so need to use these up. My boyfriend is glad to take over my extra shampoos and conditioners. I would have never guessed.


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I had a virtual salon visit and my stylist recommended I get more moisturizing products. So I ordered InnerSense Hydrating HairBath and I Create Hold gel. I also ordered AG Balance Shampoo and Boost Conditioner. Ulta had a sale where you received 2 for the price of 1 so I have 2 of each coming in. I will probably give some of my excess shampoos and conditioners to my SO, if I have any left.

I have been rolling through conditioner so I have only 1/2 of the Curl Junkie conditioner and Kirkland conditioner. I will probably finish both of those by the end of April.

So my staples will change for April. I will redo my list once I get everything in.


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4TLOB No Frills DC
Aubrey Organics White Camellia DC
Bobeam ACV Shampoo Bar
Inahsi Hair Whip Butter
Inahsi Naturals Aloe Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner
Over The Top Growth Elixir Oil
Pumpkin-Kaolin Detox DC
Pure Shampoo Sample


  • Starting Count (March 30th) = 121
  • Used Up (June 7th) = 7
  • Purchased (March 30th) = 0
  • Added (March 30th) = 0
  • Ending Count (June 7th) =114

DEEP CONDITIONERS (Starting @ 14): Clay (c = 4), Moisturizing (m = 5) & Protein (p = 5)

4TLOB Caramel Hair Fluff (p = April 19th)
Annabelle's Lemongrass Peppermint (p = April 12th)

Cream & Coco Masquerade Mask (c)
Every Strand Shea & Coconut Oil (m = May 25th)
Kanechom Chocolate (m)
KJ Natural's Strawberry Curls (c)
Koils By Nature Detoxifying Mangomint (c)
Naturelle Grow Indian Rose Clay Hair Mask (c)
Naturelle Grow Marshmallow Root (m)
Obia Naturals Babassu (p = June 7th)
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter (p)
Silicon Mix Moroccan Argan Oil (p)
Silk Dreams Razzberry Coconut Affair (m)
Silk Elements Megasilk (m)

SHAMPOOS (Starting @ 18): Liquid (l = 10), Bars (b = 6), Dry (d = 1) & Creamy (c = 1)

4TLOB Hibiscus Guava (l)
Bobeam Ayurvedic (b)
Bobeam Cheris Hibiscus (b)
Bobeam J'Rel's Detox (b)
Bobeam Shealoe (b)
Cozy Moments (c)
Cream of Nature Argan (l)
Essential Elements Shampoo Sample (l)
Giovanni Anti-Dandruff (l)
Hair of Nature (b)
Herbal Essence Body Envy (d)
Kanechom Gloss (l)
Shea Moisture 10 n 1 (l)
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus (l)
Shea Moisture JBCO (l)
Shea Terra Organics Moroccan (l)
Soultanicals Honey I Shrank the Frizz (b)
Zipporah Beauty Sweet Orange (l)

CREAMY LEAVE-INS (Starting @ 17): Thicker (t = 9) & Light (l = 8)

4TLOB Herbal Hair Milk (l)
Annabelle's Coconut Marshmallow (l)
Bekura Bahari Water (l = May 31st)
Bekura Palm Tapioca (t)
Camille Rose Fresh Curl (t)
Curly Kinks Satin Roots (t)
Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Pudding (t)
Hydratherma Naturals Growth Lotion (t)
HydroQuench Greaseless Moisture (2-l)
Kinky Curly Knot Today (t)
KJ Naturals Marshmallow Slip Banana Leaf & Acai (l)
Lawrence Ray Concepts Mega Bounce & Body (l)
Mission Condition Arabian Nights (l)
Naturelle Grow Sweet Plaintain (t)
Shea Moisture JBCO (t)
Soultanicals Knot Sauce (t)

SEALERS (Starting @ 51): Butter (b = 17, Oil (o = 31) & Pomade (p = 3)

4TLOB Castor Marmalade (o)
4TLOB Edge & Scalp Therapy (o = April 26th)
Ancient Formula Brahmi Amla (o)
Aura Cacia Rosemary Essential (o)
Bekura Citrus Rind (b)
Bobeam Shea Moisturizer (b)
Butters 'n Bars Coco Mango (b)
Country Life Vitamin A (o)
Cream & Coco Black Lavender Edge Honey Sample (o)
Cream & Coco Butter Silk Elixir (p)
Cream & Coco Cooling Scalp Smoothie (o)
Cream & Coco Eucalyptus Lemongrass (o)
Cream & Coco Hazelnut Latte (b)
Cream & Coco Infused Orange Honey Marmalade (p)
Ginger Essential (o)
Hair of Nature Shea Mango Scalp Sample (b)
Hairveda Vatika Frosting (o)
Honey's Handmade Jojoba & Monoi (b)
Honey's Handmade Whipped Vanilla (b)
HydroQuench 5 Day Moisture Twisting (2-b)
HydroQuench Cocoa Brazilian Twisting Crème (2-b)
Keirenae Bella (b)
Keirenae Hair & Scalp Elixir (2-o)
Keirenae Peachy Keen (b)
Keirenae Slay (b)
Keravada Buttercream Wedding (o)
Keravada Cotton Candy (o)
Keravada Cucumber Melon (o = June 23rd)
Keravada Japan Cherry Blossom (o)
Keravada Oatmeal Milk Alter Ego (o)
Keravada Plumeria Green Tea (o)
Keravada Pumpkin Pie (o)
Keravada Raspberry Vanilla (o = April 12th)
Keravada Sexy Chocolate (o)
Keravada Warm Vanilla Sugar (o)
Kreyol Essence Orange HBCO (o)
Kreyol Essence Peppermint HBCO (o)
Nature's Alchemy Lavender Essential (o)
Nature's Alchemy Lemongrass Essential (o)
She Scent It Kiwi Kiss (b)
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Finishing Elixir (o)
Simply Organic EVCO (o)
Simply Organic JBCO - Sample (o)
Solgar Vitamin E (o)
Soultanicals Afro Scrub Rub (p)
The Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin B (o)
Tree Naturals Citrus & Vanilla (b = April 5th)
Zipporah Beauty Avocado Cocoa Moist (b)

STYLERS (Starting @ 21): Cream/Custard (c = 10), Gel (g = 6), Liquid (l = 1), Mousse (m = 2) & Serum (sr = 2)

4TLOB Banana Pudding Styling (c)
Africa's Best Shea Butter Curls (c)
Chi Heat Protectant (l)
Coco Conscious Re-Define Foaming (g)
Cream & Coco Dreamy Baby Hair & Body Milk (c)
Cream & Coco Gooseberry Aloe Pudding (c)
Cream & Coco Green Tea Guava Hair & Body Milk (c)
Curl Keeper Total Control - Sample (sr)
Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper - Sample (sr)
Design Essentials Curl Enhancing - Sample (m)

Eco Coconut Styling (g)
Eco Olive Oil Styling (g)
Eden Bodyworks Citrus Fusion (m)
Hawaiian Silky 10 n 1 (c)
HydroQuench Strawberries & Cream Texture (c)
Keravada Crème Brulee (c)
Lustrasilk (c)
Mission Condition Pop Lock (g)
ORS Olive Oil Edge Control (g)
S-curl (c)
Softee Protein Styling (g)

4. Explain what system you will use to update your list (i.e., different colors/symbols to denote used/purchased items or items added from your current stash): Products in red will denote ones that have been used, given away or repurposed, products in #green will denote purchased products (the # will identify purchased products if the color changes), products in *blue will denote products that I found in my current stash (the * will identify the products found if the color changes), and products in purple will denote products that I am targeting to use up for the current quarter. I will also include the dates used, given away, repurposed, purchased or added in parentheses.

5. By the end of the challenge, what is the total number of products you hope to have in your stash? 90
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Here's my first quarter update. I finished up 5 products (The Mane Choice Hair Type 4 Leaf Clover Deep Conditioner, The Mane Choice Cheers Gelato, Camille Rose Naturals Buriti Nectar Repair Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Curls Passion Fruit Paste and Wild Growth Oil).

I have a few products that I know I'm close to finishing up so hopefully I'll have an update after next washday.

I think my goal is to have 10-12 products.

- Camille Rose Naturals White Orchid Cleansing Milk
- The Mane Choice Cheers Shampoo
- Adwoa Beauty Shampoo

- The Mane Choice Cheers Conditioner
- Honey's Homemade Black Soap Honey and Avocado Cowash

Deep Conditioners:
- Adwoa Beauty Deep Conditioner
- Honey's Homemade Oh Honey & Kokum Hair Mask
- Honey's Homemade Bentonite $ Sea Clay Mask
- Honey's Homemade Honey & Hibiscus Deep Conditioner.

Leave In Conditioners/Sprays
- Uncle Funky's Daughter Defunk Tonic
- Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate Leave In
- Camille Rose Naturals' Lavendar leave-In Conditioner
- Soultanicals Marula-muri Moisture Guru
- Adwoa Beauty Leave In conditioner
- Honey Homemade Cocoanut Water Leave-In Conditioner
- Eden Bodyworks Hisbiscus Honey Hair Tonic Spray (travel size)
- Eden Bodyworks Almond Marshmallow Hydration Serum

- Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Better Gel
- Camille Rose Curl Maker
- Melanin Hair Care Twist Cream
- Adwoa Beauty Curl defining cream
- Style Factor Edge Boaster

- Adwoa Beauty Baomint Oil
- The Mane Choice Growth Oil


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First Quarter Update: finished up only 4 products but acquired NONE. I’ll take this as a win! Updated inventory as follows:

Design Essentials Almond and Avocado +2
Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless poo
Redken Hair Cleansing Cream +1

tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask
Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Cholesterol + oil
Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Mask
Mielle Mongongo Oil Hydrating +1

Mielle Babassu and Mint (1)
ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor
Colorful Neutral Protein Filler

rinse out:
Daily Defense Tender Apple +4

Sebastian Clear Cellophane

Leave Ins & Moisturizers:
KBB Sweet Ambrosia leave in +2
KBB Moisture Mist +2
Qhemet Aethiopika Butter +1 (1)

Oils, Butters & Greases:
Jamaican Mango & Lime Rosemary JBCO
Qhemet Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade
Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss

Hair Spray:
Garnier Fructis Flexible Control
Aussie Mega

Straight Styling/Heat Protectants:
Sebastian Trilliant
Oscar Blandi pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect spray +1

Sabino Moisture Block
Aveda Brilliant Anti Humectant Pomade

The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam
Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Gel packet
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First quarter: Used up 7, gave away/trashed 2, bought 3.

I think I'm going to trash a few more things I know am not interested in using up.

Updated inventory:
As I Am Cowash
Deva Curl Build Up Buster
Oyin Ginger Mint Cowash
APB whipped shampoo
Pattern Beauty shampoo (travel size)
Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Cowash
Camille Rose Lavender Fresh Cleanse

As I Am Scalp Care Conditioner
Carol's Daughter Rhassoul Clay Conditioner (in pump bottle)
Elucence Conditioner
Pattern Beauty Heavy Conditioner (travel size)

Deep Conditioners:
Eden Bodyworks Almond & Marshmallow Split End Hair Masque
Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Masque
Mielle Organics Babassu Mint DC (2)
Texture ID Masque
UFD Heal and Renew DC
Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair

Kinky Curl Not Today
Pattern Beauty Leave In (travel size)
Mielle Organics Pomegranate Leave-In (2)

Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Twisting Souffle
Texture ID Styling Cream
QB twist butter
UFD Curl Magic (salon size)
Kinky Curly Curling Custard
The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam
Eden Bodyworks Nourishing Curl Jam
Curls Aloe & Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer

CR Whipped Butter Gel
Renpure Curling Jellly
NYC Curls Gel

APB Protein Treatment

Oyin Oh My Glide Detangler
Curls Passion fruit control paste
Gemini Naturals Temp Color Gel (midnight & cranberry)

Strikeout = Used up
Grayed out = Trashed or gave away
Green = new purchase
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I finished up my Honey's Homemade Black Soap Honey and Avocado Cowash and Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate Leave In conditioner during my wash day. I have a weird love/ hate relationship with the Honey Hydrate, it does nothing for defintion but my hair is so soft using it that I think it's worth it sometimes and it made my wash day super easy. The Honey's Handmade's cowash is nice but I don't think it's better than The Doux's cowash that's on the ground and comes in a bigger size.


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Used up:
Pattern Beauty trial size heavy conditioner - not a repurchase

Pattern Beauty trail size leave in conditioner - had one use left after I used today but tired of looking at it and it's just ok
Texture ID styling cream - just meh, didn't even have a good fragrance, not every moisturizing and I'd never get through the jar.

Didn't pitch but will use to clean my makeup brushes:
Pattern Beauty trial size shampoo - found it to be drying, but I mostly cowash as it is so shampoos can be drying for me in general
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My mom ran out of Shampoo and Conditioner so I gave her both of mine from The Mane Choice Cheers Collection. I'm nearing the end of my The Mane Choice Oil, probably 1 or 2 more uses.

I'm planning on doing a small order of hair products for us both since we've mostly been in the house. I kind of what to save my Adwoa Beauty products til when someone else is going to actually see my hair, lol.