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2020 What Did You Eat For Your Hair Today? Challenge


Awwww...so sorry I missed this challenge. I’ve been lazy about my smoothies (a primary hair growth source in the past), and this would have been a good way to keep me consistent and honest. Hopefully another round kicks off in 2021.

If it makes any difference, I only started this challenge a few days ago.
There is still a bit of 2020 left, why not?


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I think I want to try Nzuri for 2021..I’m still looking into it..Trying to incorporate more liquid vitamins.
:look:It's definitely an acquired taste :alcoholics:....:laugh:

I wouldn't mind using it again in 2021 as well. I have some Phyto and Neo.cell Keratin and 900 mcgs of Bamboo to start 2021 with.

Kinda "fruity" with an indescribable "Twang" of something.....medicinal? *cough* :laugh:


Blueberries, potato curry and more fruit on the menu.

Update: I have been keeping an eye on the nutritional quality of what I am ingesting, and am noticing slight weight loss. I am still drinking my maca&cacao so I guess maca does not automatically mean weight gain for me. Poor eating habits do.


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Starting point: I’m gonna say BSL (I was BSL last time I checked 2 months ago)
Hair issues diet can improve: faster growth, fuller, thicker hair, stronger hair/straighter hemline, luster, smoothness, color. (Basically the + to solid mechanical routines.)
Goals this year: WL... It’s a goal probably for the birds, but I’m gonna push myself.
Any specific foods/supplments you plan to include on this journey? Definitely more general nourishment. Recent stressors have had my diet tank for the last couple months. I aspire to have very little processed food from October on. Ideally, only home food for 8/9 days. I have some absolutely icky supplements from Amazing Grass, Garden of Life and a few others that I want to choke down before they expire.


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Joining ! I try to consume something every day that helps my hair

Starting point: I have locs that are shoulder length / a few inches from armpit length. I would love to get to armpit length by next March.
Hair issues diet can improve: I don't have any issues, but I would love more length and faster if possible lol...
Goals this year: N/A - I'm just going with the flow
Any specific foods/supplments you plan to include on this journey?

Everyday I drink a herbal tea mix that has nettle in it. I also sometimes drink horsetail tea. They are supposedly both great for growth. I just started to take iron and biotin supplements (gummies) and have a protein powder made from bone broth that has 15g of collagen in it. I also have a vegan protein powder that has iron in it that I drink when I don't drink the bone broth powder.

Today I ate one meal : roasted vegetables and plantain. I had nettle, dandelion, burdock and spearmint tea.


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Today I had my usual supplements - biotin and iron gummies. I had a good amount of scrambled eggs for brunch, maybe too many ? I also had some baked beans, salad and roasted veggies for dinner. I had a bone broth smoothie as a snack and added a little matcha too it. Not sure if thats beneficial to hair growth though...


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I had rice and beans and some eggs for lunch, and a protein shake for a snack. I wasn't too hungry for dinner, so I drank some soy milk.

One of nail tips broke off and I noticed that my nail is definitely stronger. Must be my biotin and iron supplements. They have never felt this strong before ! Hopefully this translates to my hair.