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2021 Shoulder Length Challenge


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There are 29 days left. Grow hair grow :lol: Unless the weather is super nice, I will probably do my hair xmas eve and maybe wear it sort of nice for xmas.

I would love to have hit SL by the end of this month. But it is not to be. But I am nape length. Considering where my hair was last December, that is an incredible feat for me.

I'm looking forward to my length check. I'm glad to have healthier hair. I really think I will be able to enjoy my hair more Spring 2022 :yep:


Pineapple Eating Unicorn
Redid some of my cornrows that were extra frizzy. It's really hard to tell if I've gain any length but my hair definitely looks better. I could do without the greys though.

My holiday work schedule changed so I'm not sure when I'll be doing my final wash and straighten for the length check. If I'm not at SL, I'll be thisclose and still will try for APL for the end of 2022.


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I will make this an SL/APL challenge for 2022. I know there was an APL - BSL something else but I like the SL/APL combo and I will be here for a minute.