2022 2023 Oil Butter Lotion Creme Pomade Butter Serum Grease Challenge


Natural, 4A
Working really hard to use oil, pomade and hair grease without becoming an oil head. I’ve been there. Hated it. With this fine hair I have to be strategic.

Daily-at night Donna’s Recipe Strength oil

3x week-at night, grease scalp. Right now using Sunny in Denbigh Hair Butter

On wash day I do a hot oil treatment. I’m using Negesbanda Rosemary & Castor Oil pomade


Ms. Nobody
Camille Rose Black Castor Oil & Chebe Buttercream

doesn’t smell good but scent dissipates. Slightly oily feeling. It’s ok but will not repurchase


Pineapple Eating Unicorn
Keeping steady with my Mielle Rosemary Mint oil. It's coming down to the wire with it. I'm always happy to have less stuff in my stash.


Pineapple Eating Unicorn
Finished off my Mielle Rosemary Mint oil a few days ago.

Have switched to using castor oil as a pre-poo and Kemi- Oyl as after leave-in sealing oil