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4a/b's when do you use protein?

How often do you protein?

  • when my hair needs it

    Votes: 53 71.6%
  • every other week

    Votes: 19 25.7%
  • during relaxer

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • never

    Votes: 2 2.7%

  • Total voters


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I have had a hard time balancing protein with moisture, and I'm assuming it is just that my hair doesn't necessarily need bi-weekly protein treatments, so I wanted to know when you use protein and why?

I used aphogee 2 min during my relaxer (w/hawaiian silky) and it worked great! but joico reconstruct always makes my hair feel sticky and limp (even when followed by DC)

so how do you protein?


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I use protein whenever I wash my hair (every two weeks) because it is very important that I use light but consistent doses of protein. If I don't stick to that schedule, I'll get a lot of breakage.

I use Aphogee 2-min. + avocado oil for 15 mins. under a heating cap. I'll pull out AO GPB if my hair needs an extra dose of moisture + protein, but I generally use Aphogee 2-min.


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I use Protein After a Relaxer or when my hair feels mushy or breakage more than i see normal then its time for protein.


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I use protein whenever I wash my hair (every two weeks) because it is very important that I use light but consistent doses of protein. If I don't stick to that schedule, I'll get a lot of breakage.

I use Aphogee 2-min. + avocado oil for 15 mins. under a heating cap. I'll pull out AO GPB if my hair needs an extra dose of moisture + protein, but I generally use Aphogee 2-min.

I think that Aphogee 2-min is probably the strongest protein I should be using, anything else is just too much for my hair, I like that you mix it with avocado oil, i many try that


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I use the hard core Aphogee 2 step every 6 weeks. I use a mild protein like the 2 minute or creme of nature reconstructor every 1-2 weeks.

My hair starts to break if I don't use protein. I found doing this helps a lot.


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I use the aphogees 2 step when i notice an increase in breakage so to think of it i think i will try and introduce protein once every week and see how i get on if it seems to be too much a will try every 2 weeks


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I use a mild protein when I wash & braid my hair. I use a harder protein if I plan on blowdrying /flatironing my hair. I tried to go w/o protein & my hair was turning mushy.


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I have many protien treatments, but I try to keep it simple.
I just add an egg to my conditioner.
When I do protein alone, it is never quite right.
Doing protein at the same time I do a deep condition works wonderfully.

I do it as needed.


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I voted whenever my hair needs it, but I will usually do a protein treatment once a month. Right now I'm using Joico K-pak reconstructor and I don't use it for longer than 15 min with heat.


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Wheat protein 2-3x a week once after washing and once in the middle of the week . (Gary Nulls Heavenly Hair Repair, this gets mixed with my moisturer, equal amounts, I leave it in)
Vegetable Protein after relaxing and then bi-monthly ( no heat) (Jerri Redding vegetable protein mixed with Ion Effective Care Treatment Intensive Therapy Protein) check out my post: http://www.longhaircareforum.com/showthread.php?p=10257444&highlight=#post10257444
Keratin Protein every 6 weeks: Millscreek Botanicals Biotin Conditioner : 4 oz cond., 2 oz evoo, 1oz coco oil (This batch is enough for 2-3 treatments, I take out the amount I need and mix with one egg yolk because this conditioner has Hydrolyzed Collogen which I found out later my hair does not like, no heat.

I started incorporating the vegetable protein every 2 weeks because I was noticing little breaks prior to. Once I started this my hair is much happier.
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I do it every other week. I'm not really able to judge when my hair needs it, so a schedule works well for me.

I use Nutress Protein Pack for extremely Damaged Hair.


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I use protein every other week as a pre-poo on dry hair and sit under my hooded dryer for 20 mins. I use AO GPB because it's a really good mix of protein, moisture and ceramides. Once a month I'll use a harder protein instead of the pre-poo with the AO GPB. My "hard" protein is Elucence Extended Moisture Repair (don't let the name fool you, it's a protein treatment. Kinda acts like a medium protein on my hair but still very very moisturizing).

I can't use a lot of hardcore proteins either. I have found the perfect strengthening products for my hair now though, the key was that they had to have moisturizing qualities as well.


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i use aphogee keratin and green tea reconstrustor when ever my hair feel like it needs it.. i love it and it a mild protien. not to harsh


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Even though I voted: "When My Hair Needs It" I actually use a light protein conditioner or reconstructing treatment each week.:yep:

I use a Light/Medium Reconstructor weekly.

I do a Hard protein a week before relaxing or when/if I feel my hair needs it.


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I condition with protein twice a week. I mix it with a moisturizing conditioner. My hair seems to really need protein.


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I add a little Joico Kpax to my weekly DC and use more or less depending on its needs at the time...As a natural I don't want to do too much protein, but my hair likes it in small doses....HTH:yawn:


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When I notice my hair is not retaining any moisture and all products just sit on top of my hair and make it feel stiff and dry. That is a sign I need protein. Also when moisture conditioners that I use, used to provide slip for me when detangling in the shower all of a sudden stop and I get mini c's which is breakage. This just happened to me last week. When I use protein it is LeKair which is a light b/c I never need heavy proteins. I think I will be using this once or twice per month to avoid the situation mentioned. I now only have very very little breakage and I still retain length. For me breakage in inevitable but I retain length at the same time with the amount I experience.

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When I used it regularly it was the two step Aphogee every 6 weeks and my hair was at its best. I'm trying to get back on point towards my goal of full waist length when straightened. I also use it at least one week before I apply any form of heat.

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My hair is more dry and requires more moisture than anything, but for protein I use:
Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor after texlaxing
AO GPB maybe every 2 weeks or when needed
Henna gloss (Nupur) when I notice breakage or my hair feels lifeless and limp. It works out to be around every6-8 weeks.


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I use a reconstructor (has both protein and moisture) once a week, so I never have to worry about balancing protein and moisture. Maybe you should try that instead of using a pure protein.

I alternate between Aubrey Organics GPB and Nexxus Emergencée. I follow the directions on the bottle to a T, meaning 2 shampoos when I use Emergencée (one before it and then Therappe after it, before I use Humectress). When I use AO GPB, I DC on dry then follow with one shampoo before using a moisturizing conditioner. I've done this for over 7 years. Never had a problem. Oh and I have fine 4B hair.


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I can't read my hair like most folks so I usually use protein every 6 weeks. Once I remove my braids I will probably use protein every 3 weeks, aphogee or Emergencee.


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My hair is fine and I know when I don't use protein in a timely fashion, my hair breaks terribly. I find that a mild weekly protein treatment keeps my hair in balance. I would use a strong protein every 6-8 weeks. This seem to work best for my fine texlaxed hair.


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I voted whenever my hair needs it which isn't often since I started adding a tablespoon of molasses to my deep conditioners. I may do a protein treatment (GVP Joico Kpak) every few months.


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These days I've been doing it when it need it. I also do a DC right after. I've been using Aphrogee 2-Step so far. I recently purchased AO GPB and may use that weekly. We'll see...
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