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A conditioner in between


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My hair is limp when I use a moisturizung conditioner with no protein but when I use lekair cholesterol my hair is fine the after a couple of other uses of the lekair my hair goes dry is there any conditioner that is inbetween I mean has moisture and protein that will balance out each other.I really like the lekair but the pink one is drying my hair out any suggestions guys


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Hi prettygirl,

I believe that Nexxus Humectress has an excellent balance of protein and moisture. This is the conditioner I've been using mainly. One week after my touch-up I use Nexxus Keraphix and then again 4 weeks later.

I've noticed that if I use the pink Lekair that after awhile it drys my hair out also.


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My hair is limp when I use a moisturizung conditioner with no protein

[/ QUOTE ]


Which moisturizing conditoner(s) have you used that gave you limp hair? Just curious.


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The Cathy Howse recipe is a very good balance between moisture and protein. In case you don't know about it, you mix oils and a protein conditioner together....if interested, do a search on it...this might help you.



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Here are some moisturizing conditioners that include protein

Nexxus Humectress(Keratin Protein)
Motions Moisture Silk(Collagen Protein & Silk Protein)
Biolage Hydro-Active Hair Masque(Keratin Protein)
Biolage Conditioning Balm(Keratin Protein)
Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner(Wheat Protein)
Motions Moisture Plus (Silk Protein)
Biolage Ultra Hydrating (Silk Protein)
Design Essentials Stimulations (Wheat Protein, Silk Protein)
Mizani Moisturefuse (Wheat Protein)
Joico Moisturizing Conditioner (Collagen, Keratin, Wheat Protein)

None of these should leave your hair hard or dry. If your LeKair is doing that, it is probably because you need to clarify after a few uses


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Could you give us a little break down on each type of protein that you listed above? Pretty please.


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Well here is what I know Miss Allandra:

All proteins are strengthening proteins to some degree but here are the more specific characteristics of these proteins--

Collagen Protein--known for increasing elasticity in the hair

Silk Protein--known for softening the hair

Wheat Protein--a moisturizing and strengthening protein. known for increasing the hair's ability to maintain & receive moisture also.

Keratin Protein--responsible for keeping the hair strong and pliable. This is the strongest of the(hair product) proteins and is actually the one that hair is made from. This one re-structures hair that has been damaged or broken down by chemicals. It helps to replace the amino acid cysteine which is the main one lost during chemical processing. This is the heavy duty protein. If you see the following as an ingredient

*Keratin protein--this will re-structure and strengthen the hair cuticle (the outer layer only & the most important layer)

*Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein or Keratin Amino Acids--this means that the Keratin molecules have been broken down and are small enough to go beyond the cuticle and penetrate the hair shaft. It will strengthen all 3 layers of the hair. That is why the term "deep conditioning" technically only refers to this kind of treatment using penetrating proteins.

*Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin--This is an exact match for the keratin your hair has (or has lot due to chemical processing). This is the highest quality and most potent keratin that can be used in hair products.

Hope that helps


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Whoa!!! Great information, Supergirl!!! Have you tried all of those conditioners you listed above?

Elasticity is what I need. I think I'll be trying the Motions Silk Protein Conditioner.

Thanks for posting that!


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I guess your just holding true to your name "Supergirl".

Thanks for the info! Allandra your so funny
...I'm gonna save it too.


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Thanks. Now I will add this to my favorites.

[/ QUOTE ]

Could you tell me how to add specific notes to a favorites file? Is this the same favorites list that is offered by the ISP you use? Or is there a way to save notes within this forum? Thanks!


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The Mizani line is known for having a balance of moisture and protein in their products. I suggest Mizani moisturefuse, it contains hydrolized wheat protein.


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Jen Jen--as far as me trying all of those conditioners, well...um--yeah I have.
But I promise I could do it so I could help you guys to know which ones are the best

Lunalight--I'm sorry, I'm not really familiar with Milk Protein.


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Thanks for sharing Supergirl. Where did you learn all of this? Also, what conditioner has hydrolyzed human keratin?

Dudley's DRC-28 has hydrolyzed animal protein as the 2nd ingredient (after deionized water) and hydrolyzed keratin protein as the ninth ingredient (out of 19 ingredients).


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aerie17, at the bottom left of the page, you can hit "Favorite Thread (toggle)" and it will add it to your favorites on your LHCF homepage.

supergirl, GREAT info!!!


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I still like Elucence Moisture Balancing. It has a mild wheat protein and is moisturizing(at least to me)...


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I have WISHED that the Elucence MB conditioner had wheat protein and I don't see any on my bottle's ingredient list. Does your bottle have it?

I'm not a chemist
However--I took quite a bit of chem. in high school and college. I really like chemistry.

Joico K-Pak and Moisturizing Conditioner has hydrolyzed human hair keratin. These are the only ones that I know of, but I'm sure there are others. (especially professional products, but not even Shamboosie's beloved Nexxus has Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin) . There are many more conditioners with hydrolyzed hair (not human) keratin. I have not ventured out to find out what kind of hair
--some kind of animal I'm sure...hopefully a horse. I wouldn't mind a horse's protein in my hair...


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Supergirl--sorry for all the questions but I find this info so interesting.

Under what category do you think hydrolyzed animal protein falls?

Suave Humectant has "hair keratin amino acids". Do you suppose its a cheap version of hydrolyzed human hair keratin (since its Suave)?


The old Moisturefuse didn't have wheat protein. It had
silk amino acids, hydrolyzed hair keratin, sodium cocoyl collagen amino acids (I wonder what that is)

I really like the way the old Moisturefuse ingredient list reads.


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Animal protein, huh? I'm not sure about it, but it's kind of ambiguous to me. Like, it's hard to tell if the animal protein is from the animal's hair, or internal organs. See, animals have keratin, collagen, and elastin protein too. I'm sorry that I haven't given you a better answer.

It is very likely that the protein in suave are a lesser quality. Someone on the board posted the diff. between professional/salon products and non-professional/salon products. They said that the non-p/s ones use a lower quality of the ingredients. But regardless, if it says "hydrolyzed"--it will penetrate your hair shaft.


To each his own. :)
I still like Elucence Moisture Balancing. It has a mild wheat protein and is moisturizing(at least to me)...

[/ QUOTE ]

Elucence Moisture Balancing conditioner does not have protein in it, except for anise. I asked them about that a few months ago. Their website is inaccurate.