A Miracle Happened Today - There Are Holy Angels Encamped Around Me!

Discussion in 'Christian Fellowship' started by chicacanella, May 20, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    something big happened today and I just want to say, "Glory be to God in the highest." He was so good to give me holy angels to watch over me because I fear Him.

    When I clean up, like mopping the floors and stuff, I usually put a big pot of water on top of the stove until it boils. I had some dishes that were sitting in the sink and I wanted them to be really clean because my hot water tank isn't turned up that high. So, I did the same for the dishes cause they were there since this morning and part of last night.

    I left and started doing other things and then I came back and the water was boiling but it was no longer on what I turned it on. So, I was thinking, "I wonder if my mom came in and I didn't hear her and then she turned the pot off and left back out." I checked the phone to see if she had called and nope, she didn't call. So, I am looking at this water which is boiling and I'm trying to really reach and even start thinking, "Maybe I came and turned it off and forgot." But of course I knew that wasn't the truth so I am just thinking and thinking and thinking. Then, as if it was some revelation I come to the conclusion that it must have been a holy angel that turned it off for me.

    Then I hear The Holy Spirit saying, "You're right." I am so astonished you all. I mean, I knew there were holy angels encamped around me but that they would do something like that. God is awesome!

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