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A Newcomer's Guide To Starting Out


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Just want to say hello, I am so glad i joined this forum... My hair grows an breaks off constantly. I hope I can find a solution here... Everyone's hair is so beautiful I can't wait to get started. :)


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pebbles said:
Courtesy of DSD a/k/a Dontspeakdefeat. :clap:
If you are new here, and would like a starting point, this is the best you can find!! It's absolutely complete. http://journals.fotki.com/dontspeakdefeat/newcomer/ Also, I normally wouldn't post a link to someone's album, but DSD is my girl, and her album is excellent! If you have a question, the odds are great that you'll find the answer here. :up: http://public.fotki.com/dontspeakdefeat/


OMG ! If this isn't a God - send ! Thank you soooo much :kiss: ... Love you guys !


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I am new here and I want to say hello and thanks for all the great tips I find in this board.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm French and I have to improve my english :)


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Dontspeakdefeat :weird:

girl your fotki is the reason i wanted to start taking better care of my hair:yep:. Keep doing what ya doing homegirl!


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Hi Ladies!

I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and decided to join - thanks for putting the newbie links in one spot, makes it a little easier because I'm on info overload here :)


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Hi everyone!!

I've been lurking for a minute too as a member - I'm really focused now on getting it going. I had a quick question - I see the glossary for all the acronyms but I'm still a little hazy on some. what are 4a and 1b and 4c referring to in hair type?

I'd like my siggy to reflect where I am and my goal :)

Anyone help? Please?



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Thank you peebles! I needed a little guidance and structure on what to do, and Im glad I found this thread, and I love this website. I can wait to post pictures of my journey to waist length hair, right now im just touching the bottom of my neck:grin:!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I booked marked your page and titled as my hair bible..I really appreciate the step by step instructions. I'm new to this and I did not know where to begin, so I really appreciate it. Currently my hair is maybe 1 to 2 inches long and I'm wearing a wig. Do think wearing wigs will stunt my growth in anyway? I don't want to do braids just yet being that my hair so short and I really want to utilize your shampoo regime with my hair and then add on once I get more length. Thanks again for generous information you've provided. God Bless



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Thanks so much for adding this thread!!! Im a newbie and was very lost!

Thanks again! Now only if the newbies could get a LHCF dictionary so we can learn the terminology!!



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Thank you so much for this thread. I was one of those newbies discussed - I've been feeling totally overwhelemed - but this thread gives me a GREAT starting point. :grin: