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Absolute Nonsense


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What is this sin Black Americans (spread throughout the world [if they are spread throughout the world, then they are not African-AMERICANS but I digress]) are guilty of from Deuteronomy when they are known throughout to be one of the most religious communities ever? If G-d is no respector of persons, how are those who worship Him guilty of "not worshiping" Him and therefore, subject to curses throughout the generations? I'm not against the history of some of them being PART of the Hebrew people (face it, rabbis have stated it), I'm more wondering what this supposed sin is? And his comment on McDonald's that most of the employees being Black has to do with the supposed curse - lack of success - and not possibly that, well, his people are RACIST. :rolleyes: SIGHHHHHH Work is work. If somebody works at McDonald's, s/he is employed, no? Black people work and it's not good enough? Lawd, show me the logic! Never white racism, eh?

In another video, someone was addressing a group of African Americans and he mentioned IQ and why theirs was lower. :look::look: Excuse me? And the "amens" coming from the audience! I mean, maybe THEIR IQ's were low as evidenced by being a Black group of people listening to someone non- Black telling them in a patronizing, feigned empathetic tone they are under a curse and this is why they have nothing and IQ's are low. The audacity! Anybody feel me? Please, anybody in lurkerdom, please don't believe this junk that is growing by leaps and bounds. Hebrews are one thing - G-d will bring them home in the end. But you being under a curse because you are African-American and supposedly worship a false G-d...crap. If that is the case, explain the Holocaust. :rolleyes: Don't believe everything you read/hear purportedly "religious."
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I have take time to view this. Thanks for sharing; the more we know the more we grow. :yep: