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Achieve and Maintain Long Healthy Black Hair


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Direct Quote:
" How to Achieve and Maintain Long & Healthy Black Hair
Your hair gives you the image you want to project to the rest of
the world. It is the first thing people notice about you. It leaves
that lasting impression.

Hair can be sexy. It can be ugly. You can cut it, color, braid,
weave, curl, or perm it. You can love it or hate it, either way
it’s yours. If you want to make your hair more beautiful, longer
and healthier, you can.

Black Afro hair has a unique structure that can cause some
problems requiring special treatment. The shape of Afro hair is
elliptical with a natural tiny curl. The curl allows moisture to
escape from the hair shaft. The natural curls constantly loop
into one another, bringing friction and stress to each hair. The
elliptical shape prevents natural hair oils secreted by the scalp
from traveling down the hair shafts to replace the lost moisture.
This elliptical, curly structure has caused Afro hair to be difficult
to manage and easily damaged. Our scalp tends to stay
naturally oily, yet our hair is often dry and brittle. If we learn to
moisturize properly, these problems are easily overcome and
our hair will become more beautiful than we ever believed

Until recently, it was believed that black hair grows slower than
the hair of other races. Actually, black hair grows just as fast
as any other. The structure of the hair is the cause of the
problem. Natural scalp oils that were meant to moisturize are
unable to flow down the elliptical shape of the hair. These oils
are blocked and remain on the scalp causing clogged roots and
dry hair. Our dry hair breaks off easily. Just the heat of a blow
dryer, curling iron or pressing comb can badly damage the hair.
When we perm we easily cause damage to the weak hair. The
clogged hair roots slow down the normal growth rate. To
overcome this problem we must shampoo to cleanse the scalp
pores so they will not become clogged. Condition to remove
static and keep the hair smooth. And, most important of all, we
must moisturize to supply our hair with a good substitute for the
natural scalp oils that were intended by nature. Once we
supply the correct moisture balance our hair will be flexible, it
won’t dry out and become brittle, and the breakage at the ends
will be minimized. The hair will remain very strong and will be
able to get longer at the ends as it grows from the scalp.

Shampoo, conditioners, moisturizers, scalp products, hairstyling
products made specifically for the needs of Black hair is the
answer. The goal of these products is to allow moisture,
protein, vitamins and other nutrients to penetrate deep inside
hair shafts to produce improvement in texture, porosity, and
elasticity. You should use products to smooth, add body,
luster, and reduce the tendency to tangle, while increasing

This information is provided with the hope that we can help you
to enjoy your hair looking good rather than damaged, more
manageable and enjoyable to wear just the way it is supposed
to be. And if you choose to chemically alter your hair, here is
some good advice to help you to avoid some problems.
Black People have extremely fragile hair that requires especially
gentle, knowledgeable treatment. What can we do to help
ourselves and how can we avoid the things that damage our
hair? Healthier, more stylish, less frizzy, shinier, stronger and longer hair will soon be yours if you follow the steps below.

Long, shining, healthy hair is possible for every healthy person.
Your hair grows naturally, a little everyday. The rate of hair
growth varies between the sexes and with age. Scalp hair
grows faster in women than in men and it tends to grow most
rapidly between the ages of fifteen and thirty. From the age of
fifty to sixty growth rate begins to decline. The better your
nutrition, the better your hair will grow. A certain amount of
scalp hair is shed daily in order that new hair may grow. An
average hair strand remains growing on your scalp for two to
five years.

While there are many causes that prevent your hair from
growing longer, there is no one magic formula that can make
your hair grow faster. This information will supply you with the
knowledge you need to insure healthy and longer hair growth
for yourself.

The SIX steps to longer, stronger, healthy hair:
1. Shampoo Properly!An important beginning is to shampoo
your hair least once a week to keep hair free of dirt and grease.
2. Condition weekly.Immediately following your shampoo.
3. Moisturize dailyMoisturizing correctly is your most important
step. Long, strong healthy hair depends on it.
4. Care for your Scalp. Proper scalp care can lead to a
beautiful and healthier head of hair.
5. Eat a balanced diet!Indispensable to the life and health of
your hair is your blood stream. Your hair will grow long and
strong if your blood can properly nourish it. Your hair will
become weak if it is inadequately nourished.
6. Avoid Hair Damage. Don’t make the common mistakes
that ruin your hair."


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Great info, indeed. I think those six points should be Long Hair Care Forum's Preamble. /images/graemlins/wink.gif


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Thanks Mahalia Lee /images/graemlins/grin.gif informative as always. I went to the link you provided and also copied off some information about the direct relationship between proper nutrition and hair health. Good stuff. /images/graemlins/cool.gif


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Thanks for sharing!


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Yes, it does, thanx. I was slacking off recently in the nutrition department. It was "right on time" wake up call.


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Thanks alot! Even with the great information on this site I can still over look some of the main and most important information. It is good to read it all again. I saved the page as a future reminder.