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ACV and Baking Soda


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I'm new on board and would like to know what is the purpose of using ACV to rinse, how to you use it and how do you use Baking Soda to cleans the hair. I have a TWA and I'm not interested in using a whole lot of chemicals.



ACV gets rid of residue from shampoos and conditioners. Mix it with water and rinse with it. Ratios? i dont know.

You can add some baking soda to your conditioner. It will exfoliate your scalp. Too much can be bad.


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I don't use shampoo, I only co-wash. So I use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and two cups of water to clarify my hair once a month. I do a ACV rinse after every cowash or baking soda wash. I love ACV rinses bc they make your curls pop better. Also baking soda makes your hair basic and the acv rinse brings the acidity back to your hair (I think, somebody could probably explain it better). I noticed that when I starting doing ACV rinses my hair would lay down flatter.