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African Pride Olive Miracle

Loves Harmony

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I went to Sallys the other day to get some more Silk Element dc and i came across this brand. I purchase the Moisurizer Lotion and the Growth oil. Have anyone tried this brand before. It was only 2.99 each.


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I use the African Pride Extra Sheen Braid Spray and I LOVE IT. Since I am doing the crown and glory i use a lot of braid spray and it works very well and moisturizes great. And no mineral oil or petroleum and for only 2.99


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I went into Sally's today to renew my membership card and saw this bright yellow new product as I strolled the aisles. $2.69 with my card discount...smells great. Mostly good ingredients but a few not so good like propylene glycol, and paraben but I'll still give it a chance. Loves Harmony...I tried to find the ingredients on line but failed...too many to type out:nono:!