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Airdrying relaxed hair when you are many weeks post a relaxer?


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Does anybody do it?

I really like the whole idea of airdrying and using less heat and all and i think it will work for me when i have a fresh relaxer cause when it dries it stays pretty straight. But what do you do when you are many week post a relaxer and you have a lot of new growth. Im not a big fan of bunning my hair sopping wet so thats out. Its seems like my only option would be like braidout or twist out but i hear from a lot of people that it gives them problems when it comes to detangling. So what is a girl suppose to do. Right now I always have to use some type of heat. I use the hooded dryer for the most part but i was just wondering if there are others techniques that you guys use ? I am asking this question because i want to airdry but personally to have straight hair and curly roots dont look right to me. I rather have one or the other but not both or at least try to blend it somehow to look neat.


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I know you said that you don't like bunning, but it works pretty good for me when I have alot of NG. Either that a twist out or roller set are my only options when my roots are crazy. Sorry if this doesn't help:ohwell:


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I definitely wash and go..........my hair airdries with crinkles so I wouldn't try to straighten it if I airdry.

I like the way is looks actually after a few weeks post.........It looks better for me. I cant wait for the weather to get warmer actually cause I can get away with washing more often. I think braids if you dont wanna let is out

maybe four to six braids then you can wear that for a few days without to much washing if thats what you don't like


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I just completed my first stretch and the only thing that saved me was twistouts.

My twistouts worked because I added Salerm 21 after Lacio Lacio diluted with water.

I put coconut oil on my fingers to do the twistout and a little IC gel at the front and a scarf around my front to flaten out the ng.

When I unraveled each section, I added a little more coconut oil to each finger for each section.

However, I only wore the twistouts one day because I wear protective styles the rest of the time..

Pretty much the same process, except I don't bun while wet - I use Kinikakes method which includes mucho oil and braid the back with more eo and I pin the braid up in the back and scarf the rest.

Not alot of options with the ng :perplexed


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I'm 10 months post and have used a blow dryer twice and that's only because I flat ironed my hair.

I allow my hair to air dry 80%, moisturizer it again, and pull it back into a pony but I twist the end and secure it with a clip instead of using an elastic. I put my satin scarf over my head to get my edges and front smooth.
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