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I currently use heat to dry my hair and control my new growth. I've heard everybody raving about the no-heat regimen. I want to try it but I'm kind of ....scared:perplexed. It seems like my hair will come out totally nappy. Are there any other ladies with 4a/4b hair whose been stretching their relaxer a while without using heat. Let me know your secret and/or regimen.Did it work for you? I need to know before I try this, Thanx.


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My hair is type 4??? somthin! Don't know what it is exactly! :grin: But I found that my hair takes to airdrying when I leave it soak and wet and eliminate the towel drying period! Right after I get out of shower I squeeze out some of the water with my hands being careful not to pull it while wet. Then I slather on a cream based leave in conditioner, some WGO and I put Coconut oil grease on my ends while gathering it in a ponytail. Then I slap a banana clip on it to secure it. I put the ends of the pony tail in a loose braid with a small band around the end. I keep it this way for 3 days until it dries. Making sure to put a scarf on each nite. As it dries i put more oil on gradually.


Girl last night i attempted to air dry and omg :wallbash: the back is sooooo nappy. I have short hair and am attempting my 1st 10 week stretch I am tempted to just perm the back it looks like i have an afro on the back of my head. i think im going to go to the dominicans tomorrow for a wash and set that might help i hope :ohwell:


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After careful consideration I have adopted 4a as my hair type, and let me tell what, I always airdry. And its nappy as hell, and I dont care.