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So Wavy Baby
I noticed a majority on LHCF airdry their hair, and say that it then becomes straight. Well that is not the case for me. Whenever I airdry (usually in a ponytail), my hair gets frizzy,feels extra light, and my ends look bushy. Does anyone else have/had this problem? If so how did you guys fix it?

My hair was last relaxed May 18. I use Dudley PCA Moisture Retainer & New Image's Avocado Oil and Shea Butter Moisturizer(oil based). I also use ApHOGEE's Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner. However this happens especially when I have no product in my hair.

What's wrong with my hair?


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When I airdry, I find it best to just let it dry with no product after applying the leave-in. Then once it's semi-dry or very well close, I add Hot 6 Oil. Then, I add nothing else until it's completely dry. Some products tend to add more frizz.

Oh, and I also run a fine tooth comb through it frequently during the process.


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When I was relaxed, my hair would curl whenever it airdried. Using John Frieda's Frizz-Ease or the Frizz Control serum by Proclaim from Sally's would help me with this. I could then brush my hair straight when it was dry.


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I noticed that you are not using a serum. Serums help me tremendously to get that sleek look while airdrying. You may also want to use an ACV rinse for your final rinse to eliminate tangles and also for that sleek look.

BTW, I just tried the Neutrogena Triple Moisture products and I give it a
. I plan on airdrying this summer in a wet bun with just the serum and leave-in from this line.



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Isis, the only two good serums that I have tried are the Neutrogena one and the John Frieda Texture Correct serums. Both have worked well for me. I've also tried the Got2B serum but it did not work as well



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Thank you Chichi. I'm going to have to try one of those serums. I'm always looking for easier and more effective ways to airdry my hair. I hope it works on 4b hair.


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Don't worry, Owest. You are not alone. I only airdry while setting my hair in a wrap (doobie). Other than that, my hair would be a frizzy mess, too!

The girls will give you great tips on airdrying!


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I second the use of the NTM serum and silf touch leave-in. I rarely wear my hair straight but when I do I just run a flat iron through my hair to bump the ends and the rest of my hair is straight. Also i've found that airdrying in a bun can help to reduce frizziness on the ends. HTH