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Amber Guyger Trial Begins


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smoking weed doesnt suddenly make you a weed dealer. No bg time dealer is going to put themsleves on the stand exposing their lives especially when speaking against a cop. They tried that whole weed bs with Bothom as well so..
I didnt say dealing I said having. His smoling weed is a known fact. Also known he didn't want to testify.

But I digress.

My point is all we knew of Joshua was how he came across on the stand. I didn't know he was shot before, I didn't know he was set to testify in another murder trial.

I guess I'm in the minority in that I just do not believe he was murdered by the Dallas PD over his testimony.

What he said was important but a few other witnesses had the same testimony. Amber hung herself with her own words.

Doesn't mean I don't feel bad over his murder.

It's getting to wild now.
Now people making videos asking if black women will stop supporting him because his wife was white.


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Amber was messing with Jean? Just putting a conspiracy theory out there.. maybe Brown was going to testify that Amber and Jean had sex and he played her after that.. that’s why that stupid story of her going to the wrong apartment doesn’t make sense.
Joshua said he only met Jean that morning. His only other encounters with him were hearing him singing in the hallway.


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The fact that this twat couldnt just do her 10 years (5 years tbh) in peace. Hope that coontastic judge is happy with herself.

I also wonder if the father and brother would be willing to hug her now. I know the mother is beside herself smh

Welp, the brother will get what he hoped for (no jail time for her), so will the judge (redemption), and Botham's dad will get his chance to befriend her.


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Actually pretty much everyone files an appeal of a murder conviction. They have deadlines to meet.
Exactly. She was going to file this appeal regardless.
The key witness for her conviction was her own self.
If Joshua was all they had she'd be walking free anyways. His testimony was important but there was another few witnesses who essentially said the same thing that he did.


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^^^ I would think the city wouldn’t be liable bc she was off duty right?
I haven’t had a chance to read the actual legal opinion but that’s my guess that’s what the city is arguing. My guess was they probably also argued that her actions weren’t even in line with what her training said to do a situation like that so she was acting as a civilian.

My guess is the family will counter with saying she was still wearing her uniform, used her service weapon and her whole testimony was saying that she used her police training to respond to the situation.