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Another New Stylist? (lengthy)


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I went to a new stylist for a touch-up about 4 weeks ago. I decided to try her because the stylist I had been going to didn't seem to have the same care with my hair as she had in the past.

Anyway, I am wondering do I want to go back to her or try yet another stylist. Here's why:

1. She asked me why I wait 8 weeks for a touch-up as opposed to 6 weeks. She said that I had a lot of new growth and though the texture of my hair could probably be okay waiting those two extra weeks without chancing breakage she thought 6 weeks was better.

2. She did not rollerset my hair. She said she wanted to heat style my hair because she couldn't tell if my hair was over processed or under processed. She went on to tell me later that usually she just curls her clients. I said as in rollerset and she said no with the curlers.

3. She heat styled my hair by doing ALL of these things: 1- sitting me under the dryer for a little while, 2- blow drying, 3- flat ironing, 4- bumping the ends with the curlers.

4. Also, she asked how often I get my ends trimmed and that a requirement she has with her clients is a trim every 8 weeks.

What do you all think? The lady that referred me to her had long hair that was almost bra strap that looked really healthy, that's why I asked her about the stylist she goes to.

There's another referral I have by someone with long healthy bra strap hair that I could try also or I could go back to the stylist I described above.

Any comments, suggestions?



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She sounds like my last hairdresser...and that isn't a compliment. She is telling you now that she likes to use Multiple forms of heat, she likes to trim hair a lot and she doesn't seem to understand the concept of a roller set. Sounds like a formula for disaster....I'd keep on looking if I were you.


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I went to the same type of stylist a couple of times (just to get my hair done for a special occasion). She had the same routine - sit under the dryer w/o rollers for a few mins., then blow-dry, then flat iron. Well, I LOVED the way my hair looked when she was finished, but I wouldn't go to her on a regular basis. All that heat can't be good for the hair!!

The second time I went to her I was about 8 weeks since my last relaxer (I relax every 12-16 weeks) and she acted like my new growth was OUT OF CONTROL!! She told me I had too much new growth and she couldn't just use the flat-iron, she would have to press it
. Well, I wasn't happy about that at all, but I was going to a wedding the next day so I told her to go ahead. It came out nice, but I haven't been back to her since!!

There's no way I'm paying $80 for a touch-up every two months!!
And she uses too much heat, IMO. I'm into rollersets... my stylist does use the blowdryer to straighten my hair after the rollers come out, and that's bad enough!!


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I only go for touch-ups, that is why I was thinking maybe I'll just stick with her or at least try her one more time.

I'll see though. My previous stylist was in agreement with me extending my touch-ups some. She had even said she wished more of her clients would do that.