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Another Phytorelaxer Review


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On last Wednesday, I went to the salon and had my hair relaxed with Phyto Index 2. I was 9 weeks post relaxer and had a lot of new growth. The stylist applied the Pre-Care Balm to my edges prior to applying the relaxer. The relaxer application and smoothing process was about 20 minutes. She also brushed on the Phyto Nectar Oil on the ends to prevent overlapping (for an additional fee of course). We mutually agreed to wash out the relaxer. I didn't burn but there was a tingling sensation.

She neutralized my hair several times with the Phyto Neutralizing Cleansing Emulsion followed by a blue TIGI Bedhead Shampoo. With Step 2, the Milky Reconstructor was used. She rinsed out the reconstructor and towel dried my hair. She then brushed on the Phyto Revitalizing Oil Treatment from root to end. This was followed with the Phyto Vital Force Cream Bath conditioner. She was going to use the Intense Nutrition Mask but I told her that the Mask was a crappy product in my opinion.

I sat under the steamer dryer for 5-7 minutes. I had never experienced the steamer before so this was an interesting experience. She rinsed out the conditioner and removed the excess moisture with a towel prior to blowdrying my hair. Previously, I was told that this process is damaging to the hair. But, I decided to observe since this was my initial visit. The Phytospecific Beauty Styling Cream was applied all over my hair as a heat protectant.

She used the blow dryer on a very low setting for the roots. She used a ceramic brush to blow dry the ends. A little bit of Keracare Silken Seal was used before flat ironing my hair with the ceramic iron. To my surprise my hair was very bouncy. The final product used was the Phyto Hair Spray for a soft hold.

I didn't post a review earlier because the Phyto looked like any other relaxer on day 1. However, by day 2, your hair is still bouncy and moisturized. I did purchase the Beauty Styling Cream and it is the only product that I have used this week. It is very versatile. It can be used on your scalp, ends, and as a heat protectant. I didn't try this product previously because of the petroleum, mineral and beeswax. But, it is a highly concentrated product and it is very light. So, a little goes a long way.

My spouse broke the digital camera. So, I can't post pictures at the moment. But, overall I am glad that I made the switch. The stylist gave me the unused pre-care balm, neutralizing shampoo, and milky reconstructor for home use.

I am too scared to wash my hair because I am afraid that I will lose the look and the moisturized hair. So, if you are like me and do not want to self-relax, I highly recommend going to a professional and getting the Phytorelaxer.

The relaxer was $100 and $10 extra for the Phyto Nectar Oil. I must admit that this is the most that I have ever spent on a relaxer in my entire life. But, one week later, I feel that it was a good investment. Especially since I am using less maintenance products.